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Via Reg. Margherita, 56 95013 Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, Italy
- Organic Products - Essential Oils - Pastas - Wheat Flour -


The company was established in 1911 by the brothers Angelo and Giacomo Barbagallo at Fiumefreddo di Sicilia with the objective of processing certain locally produced agricultural crops of higt quality.
Today the company is still run in the family tradition by the second & third generation of Barbagallo's son Giuseppe & grandson Angelo.
The factory is located at the foot of mount Etna with easy acces to the pure water of the Fiumefreddo river, which has been filtered by the volcanic rocks on its journey down to sea from the crater itself.
Since Romans time, Sicily has been regarded as the "granary" of Italy & even today, the "refinited" hard wheat found in Sicily is still considered as one of the best in the world for making high quality pasta.
At Barbagallo, the organically produced hard wheat is prepared in the company's own milling facility adjacent to the fully automated pasta production line. In this way & employing the techniques developed over 9 decadens of experience, all the vital characteristics can be maintained in the process.
The consistent high quality of Barbagallo's organic pasta relies heavily on the tried & tested methdology of drying at low temperatures rather than subjecting the pasta to the high temperature techniques employed by many of Barbagallo's large-scale high volume competitors.
Barbagallo is also a producer of food & petfood grades of Locust Bean Gum (E 410). This powder is one of the most natural of food additives, produced by the milling of the endosperm of the seeds of the Carob tree, a tree found growing wild in certain Mediterranean countries.
Locust Bean Gum is used to improve the quality of products like ice cream, milk shakes, sauces, canned meat, dietary foods, frozen products & sweet beveranges.
It is used to improve the body & viscosity of products in the production process.
Again,Barbagallo's interest in the environment & the use of naturally occurring products, has lead to the Barbagallo's developing a process of extracting the endosperm by the use of heat & water rather than the old fashioned techniques employing extremely harsh & corrosive acids
Finally Barbagallo is busy putting the "finishing touches" on their rejuvenated production facility for Citrus Juices & Essential Oils of Orange, Lemon & Tangerine.
Here again the years of experience combinated with the finest italian extraction machinery allow the Barbagallo name to once again grace products of the highest flavour, fragance & potency.

Organicdurum wheat semolina white and whole wheat available under 3 grades: fine for the making of sicilian bread and pizza, medium size for all good pastas and big size to be used for couscous and to make the famous sicilian semolino a light and fast cooking cream of durum wheat which is a very healthy traditional dish.
White pasta, whole wheat, with millet, soja, buckwheat, tomato, spinach, basil, carrots, seaweeds, quinoa, epeautre, farro, are just some of the wide range of Barbagallo's organic pasta available under label La Bioidea, Barbagallo Organic and under private labels.
Carob: Locust bean gum E 410 is available under five differents grades for food use, plus two grades for petfood, one technical grade and purified carob germ to comply with any customer's needs. Taylor made products are availables under request.
Natural essences of lemon, mandarin, orange and bergamot, terpeneless and sesquiterpeneless oils, organic lemon juices.

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