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SNC du Maine Drilhon, Domaine de chez Maillard 16440 Claix, France
- Cognac -


A lover of vineyards from an earlyage, my cognacs are remarkable fortheir exceptional taste & quality.This has been demonstrated by themultitude of awards received inthe international competitions we haveentered.
I am surrounded by a top class team who pay the strictest attentionto details to guarantee your pleasure when you purchasse our Cognacs.
The production process is perfectly controlled from the vineyardthrough to the bottling line and providesyou the guaranteeof complete mastery of both quality and regularity.
I invite you to discover my three product ranges, ABK6, LEYRAT and REVISEUR, which incarn the motto dear to me, Live Free.
Francis Abecassis, owner
Aromatic power, fresh scents, complex tastes: my cognacs are designed for those looking for dense and clear cut sensations which reflect the hills of our vineyards, open to the sun and southerly winds.
 VS Premium
Gold in colour with amber highlights
The initial nose has aromas of apricots and fresh grapes which then evolve towards light spice and fruit-filled pastry.
The palate is crisp and elegant with good presence and exceptional length
Available in bottles of 50cl and 70cl.
VSOP Super Premium
Old gold in colour
The nose is complex with stewed fruit and woody notes which are followed by brioche, vanilla, apple and cinnamon
The palate has excellent full structure with a long finish of vanilla and woody flavours
Available in bottles of 50cl and 70cl.
XO Grand Cru
Deep old gold in colour
The nose displays aromatic richness with dried fruit and nuts and the liquorice aromas typical of well mature Cognacs. It develops towards the spice and characteristic fruit pastry notes which are our signature
The palate is dense and smooth yet elegant and with considerable finesse.
Available in bottles of 50cl and 70cl.
The initialnose is elegant and displays spice, candied fruit and orange peel.
It evolvesto notes of “brioche” and apple pastry reinforced by saffron and cinnamon.
The palateis silky and long with its “finesse” highlighted by flavours of oak, driedapricots and raisins.
Tel: +33 5 45 663572 Fax: +33 5 45 664834
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