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Glorieta 23 de Junio, 4. 13420 Malagon, Ciudad Real, Spain
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil -
Aceites Malagon, S.L. is a family owned olive oil company located in La Mancha, right in the heart of Spain, the second most important olive growing region in the country. We are both manufacturers and merchants of olive oil, in fact, we have a long tradition in producing and excellent and award-winning extra virgin olive oil. We also have a wide distribution network both nationally and abroad as experienced exporters. DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN At Aceites Malagon, S.L. we mainly produce extra virgin olive oil, which, for the most part, carries the Montes de Toledo. Denomination of Origin, an assurance of its excellent quality. This oil has a highly distinctive flavour to the Castilla La Mancha region and a fruity aroma At Aceites Malagon S.L. we use only the very best olives that are purchased from regular suppliers in the surrounding area, allowing easier and more efficient quality control. Only fresh and healthy olives are accepted and quickly processed at the mill. We have a modern plant whose mill (almazara) combines technological progress with traditional taste. Continuos supply and on-time delivery to our customers are strictly assured, thanks to our excellent storage management and bottling plan. The certification of our products is done by the Fundacion Consejo Regulador Denominacion de Origen de Aceite Montes de Toledo following European directions of Norm EN-45011. It involves controlling all the stages of the production of the oil, from tree to consumer We offer a wide, elegant and also gourmet, range of products, such as our Montes de Toledo denomination of origin extra virgin olive oil, branded Zaitum; an original range of flavoured virgin olive oils, a special vinegar, a white meat tuna in extra virgin olive oil and in peppered olive oil. We also produce extra virgin olive oil with Kosher certification. All the products from Aceites Malagón are a high quality, adapted to the increasing demands of today's consumers, who make a healthy and tasty cuisine, a way of life. Our large range of products and containers will suit all tastes and fulfil all needs, always in a natural and convenient way ALACENA DEL DUQUE (EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, PURE OLIVE OIL and OLIVE POMACE OIL The most convenient way for making your diet healthier This is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from a carefully balanced combination of there varieties of olives As a result of milling this mix we obtain an oil with a perfectly balanced taste and aroma, which evokes a touch of ripe fruit, a bit sweet, in which the apple and almond stands out. But in its complexity there are also aromas of grassy overtones, of fruits in season reminiscent of tomato plant, of other freshly vegetables like fig tree leaves together with olive tree leaves and touches of artichoke. It is pungent to the mouth, rich in texture, mild and silky, with a pleasant sweetness. Its fresh aroma is persistent during the retro-nasal test. A perfect balance between some light spicy bitter notes grants this olive oil a distinctively elegance. Its taste, aroma and nutritional value make it ideal for all culinary purposes, such as in salad dressing, meat dishes like stews, frying purposes such as squid rings and fish. It is specially indicated in tender spring vegetables, either cooked or raw. It is also good for casseroles, pastries and baking. A tasty idea is adding a dash of olive oil to pasta, vegetables, meat or fish when you cook them boiled.
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