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Leduc Camrose, Ab, Canada
- Trouts -


About Ackenberry Trout Farms
Serving all your pond and lake needs for over 10 years!

Ackenberry Trout Farms is located in central Alberta,and is your complete supplier
of Rainbow Trout, Grass Carp and all pond related products.
We have many high quality and envivromentally frendly products to make your lake or
pond look it's best.

Our rainbow trout are produced in our environmentally freindly indoor recirculating
facility.  This facility is Certified Disease Free with a current Department
of fisheries and oceans certification.

Use our 100% certified Grass Carp for a chemical free solution to your weed and hair
algae problems.

Our Biologist offers consulting services to aid lake managers in pond construction,
aeration, algae problems, and water quality issues.
Tel: (780) 878-3839 Fax: (780) 878-3769
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