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19th Km Skidra - Aridaia 58400 Aridaia Greece
- Frozen Vegetables - Frozen Fruits - Jams - Fruited Jellies - Bake Stable Filling - Decoration Jellies - Candies -
We are a production unit from 2000, located at the richest Greek area of agricuture fruits. We continiouly invests in a high techology and mechanical equipment, whic is necessary for food industrial. We have managed to becaome the only company in Greece which process chstnuts-marrons, an extremely specialize production process. We are at the fields of sweet spoons, candies, jellies, filling and genaraly of pastry products. More over the company is processing, freezing, standardization and packaging fruits and vegatables. Agrifreda SA has focusing on the production of innovative top quality products, which constitutes its primary goal. Withing this frame, the company follows BRC standards, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2008, confriming thus its commitment in producting top quality products, seeking to safity its partners and consumers.
Tel: +30 23840 65122 Fax: +30 23840 65422
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