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Av. Senador Jaime Guzmán 3180 Renca, Santiago, Chile
- Boldo Leaves - Mushrooms - Nuts - Beans - Dried Fruits - Honey -

Exportadores del Agro S.A is placed among the most important exporters and importers agriculture companies of Chile. It was founded 53 years ago in Longaví city, VII Region, by Jorge Batarce Zerené, its current head office. Throughout the years his six sons were joining, building up with them the “Sociedad de Productores y Exportadores del Agro Ltda in 1976, giving place to the current Sociedad Exportadores del Agro S.A. in 1984.

At the present time, Agroprodex has six manufacturing plants, packers and cold-storage plants located in Santiago, San Felipe, Paine, Chillán and Linares cities. Its farm in Longaví, associated to farms along Chile, project their production of fruit trees and leguminous from an outstanding quality to world level.
The market supplying, it is as much internal as external with: grapes, raisins, prunes, oregano, honey bees, rosehips, rice, fresh apples, kiwis, walnuts, almonds.

The product exportation has as destination countries from South and North of America, Europe and Asia.
Agroprodex Internacional works day by day in its own experimental stations, investigating and developing new and better varieties of grains, legumes and fruit trees, in order to deliver to market the best products
The commitment is to achieve quality and exceptional tastes, from Chile to the World
Our mission is to export and import products of excellent quality, increasing the international reputation gained.

We project our efforts with an eye toward the external market, sensing which fluctuations in the international consumption are. We stimulate the production of export fruits according to our demanding consumers needs in the world.
A natural and highly recognized food in the international market because of its sweet taste and purity, the honey is an exceptional product, with high energy content and the ability of alleviating ailments, as well as to heal diseases.

Finely treated, pasteurized, homogenized and centrifuged, the Agroprodex multifloral honey, coming from the fertile Chilean countries, is of the highest purity, rich in vitamins and minerals. Its sugars, organic oligoelements, minerals, hormones and vitamins, act as powerful catalysts, are able to release the energy contained in power in other foods.
The potassium and phosphorus contained in the honey facilitate the assimilation of the sugars without causing digestive problems. Because of its easy digestion, capacities anti-oxidants, disinfectant, sedatives, nutritious and exquisite taste, the honey is considered by many people as the perfect food. Its healing and moisting qualities transform it in the ingredient number one of creams and unguents for the skin. It is also the main ingredient of hundreds of home-made remedies, prescribes to alleviate and prevent all class of discomforts, from arthritis to ailments derived of a cold.
Beeswax is as old as the own bees history and its explotation by the man, being used in a large number of applications since the most remote time.

The Agroprodex beeswax stands out for being a product 100% natural, of which use in the industry does not have limits. It is exported to all countries of the orb and is very appreciable for its natural purity.

Agroprodex contributes with an important percentage of the national production, becoming this way the first Chilean exporter of beeswax.
The beeswax is a product of great use; it contains free Acids, ésteres and other natural components that give it special characteristic, such as emulsifiers properties, plasticity, compatibility with other natural products and pleasant smell. These characteristics make of the Beeswax a very advisable product for cosmetic formulations as facial and corporal creams
This product has a bittersweet taste, unique in the world, Agroprodex raisins, in all varieties, are consumed in the most demanding markets, proving with facts their high quality.

They are produced in privilege soils and climate conditions in the central area of Chile, Agroprodex raisins are finely processed, from the crop to the packing, in order to preserve intact all their qualities.

Dark raisins, carefully dehydrated in the sun, come from Flame and Thompson grapes, both seedless and with an inciting taste, color and texture.
Golden raisin is the result of the dehydration in ovens of the exquisite Thompson or Sultanina grape. This variety is an excellent natural product, because of all its nutritional and caloric benefits, and its exceptional taste.

The raisins are rich in hydrates of carbon and fiber; also contribute with calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iron.
Because of its privileged taste and outstanding nutritional qualities, the Chilean prunes have taken a relevant place and high consumption in the international community, being positioned as a highly healthy food.

In their varieties D`Agent and President, unpitted and pitted, Agroprodex exports prune that standing out the quality of an exceptional agricultural product.

With an intense color, aroma, sweetness and texture, prunes are suitable to be consumed alone, dessert and in a great variety of culinary preparations.
The Agroprodex prunes contain mainly:
- Vitamin B, a powerful antioxidant defending our organism from the attacks of the harmful free radicals, capable of producing cancer and premature aging.
- Soluble and Insoluble Dietary fibers reducing the harmful cholesterol and the risk of suffering cardiac illnesses, besides maintaining the healthy digestive system.
- Potassium which prevents from cramps.
- Low sodium content, fat and cholesterol free.
Watch how the fresh plum is dehydrated.
This aromatic condiment of general and multiple uses in the most demanding cookings in the world requires for its production of natural elements: good ground, not polluted air and pure and crystalline waters.

The Agroprodex oregano is elaborated in our Longaví plant, where it receives a special watering with chemically pure water, whose production under these conditions allows obtaining an absolutely natural product.

It stands out for its taste, aroma and to be an excellent condiment serving to garnish any kind of meat, broths, noodles etc.
Some investigators discovered that this condiment may act as a powerful sedative for children in case of colics. Its leaves fried in oil can be used as antiphlogistics in the bronchopneumonia, and also to alleviate the hearing pain. Other ones say that a bundle of leaves in a bottle of water is indicated after the meals, to avoid the stomach aches and the bad digestions
The boldo leaves come from a tree which is characterized for having its oval and always green leaves. Of bitter taste, hard, hairy with quite marked nerves, this species has become with lapsing of the time in a plant recognized by its diverse properties phitotherapeutic. The flowers are very small and of white color. Its fruits are small, of a single seed and of sweet taste.

Its history goes back to the indigenous communities of our country, from where it is native. At the present time we are the
main country boldo exporter which grows in the central and south area of Chile, embracing mainly the mountains. Its crop is carried out in summertime.

This plant owns several medicinal uses; it eliminates the impurities of the blood which are accumulated because of a bad working of the kidneys or of the liver. It helps to the exit of the bile that is deposited in the vesicle biliar, avoiding that it causes more diseases in the organism.
The apple is one of the fruits widely consumed in the world, because of the great quantity of benefits that this food offers in the human organism, as well as for its easy conservation and quality of perennial with regard to other fruits.

Recent studies, in noted universities in the entire world have demonstrated that the regular consumption of apples, besides feeding, among other virtues, increases the lung capacity and it prevents some kind of cancer.  
The Agroprodex apples are appropriate to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, given all their qualities nutritional and low calories. They contain A and C vitamins and some of the group B, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, pecticina, iron, besides being rich in fiber. Because of their freshness, the Agroprodex apples arrive to the tables of their consumers in the world with all their taste and the biggest nutritious value, being constituted in a fruit to be enjoyed in each mouthful
The Agroprodex kiwis are more and more popular in the international market because of their quality and culinary versatility, which are represented, especially in desserts and their nutritious benefits. Because of these nutritional virtues, the Kiwi has been positioned as an indispensable fruit to maintain a healthy diet. In this sense, the Agroprodex Kiwi is one of the richest fruits in vitamins and minerals, as it is deduced from recent studies elaborated in the United States. It contain double C vitamin than an orange ....
and double E vitamin than an avocado. Also, it owns unusual amino Acids in the fruit like the Inositol, a substance able to prevent the depression. It is a perfect anti-oxidant in the combat against the toxins and the free radicals, and a poor food in fats but rich in nutrients, low in calories but energetic. The Kiwi also helps to improve the sanguine circulation and it is rich in vegetable fiber and mineral salts, as the calcium and the phosphorus.
The Agroprodex quinces are cultivated mainly in the central zone of Chile, where springs coming from the majestic “Andes” are joined to fertile grounds to generate the best quinces for their export.

Carefully treated and packed they are distributed to the five continents, thanks to an efficient logistical activity that assures a fresh fruit of quality for you.
They come from a bush native from Asia, the “Cidonya Vulgaris” and “Cidonya lusitánica” (Pomáceas's family). It contains A, B1, B2, C vitamins and pecticinas proteins, mucilages and essential oils. The Quince is yellow and with a brown velvet outside, inside its flesh is white, floury and of an exquisite sour taste. It is usually eaten as cooked or roasted, although it can also be enjoyed crude.
The tasteful Agroprodex Chilean almonds have conquered numerous palates in several places of the world, thanks to their creamy body and unique softness. Its highly nutritious components have become them in one of the more energetic dry fruits for our organism.

In chocolate factory and confectionery, our almonds have a well achieved preference, thanks to their color and texture that distinguish them in the market. They own a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty Acids (Oleic Acid) and significant quantities of E vitamin.
They are characterized to be a food of a high protean content and of dietary fiber which favors the raise of the maternal milk, it improves problems of the nervous system and it is disinfectant at intestinal level.

The almonds are one of the richest sources in calcium and they help to decrease the cholesterol, since they contain phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sulfur, chlorine, aluminum, manganese, copper, zinc, A, E, B1, B2 vitamins and PP.
To say dry walnuts from the Agroprodex walnut tree is to refer to the exquisite Chilean walnut whose taste is known universally and applauded by the most expert palates. Its use in confectionery raises the quality of our walnuts making them preferred by the consumers.
Its origin is located in Central Asia. The Romans habitually consumed them, diffusing them through Europe, from where they passed to America. During the Medium Age they were consecrated as basic ingredient in the elaboration of desserts, extending until our days.
Many studies demonstrate that these delicious fruits are one of the most complete and healthy foods whose composition is very beneficial for the health. Their contribution in fatty Acids, hydrates of carbon and proteins is very considerable and beneficial especially for the cellular and nervous development. The most important vitamins as for its content are those of the group B and E, powerful anti-oxidants and anti-aging. They also have a high content of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur.
The main characteristic of the Agroprodex mushrooms is its grateful nobility which has stayed invariably through the time. The consumers of this nutritious and tasteful food do it with the safety that they are purchasing a product of first qualification.

The mushrooms are an exquisite dish and they have been ancestrally tasted by the humanity. They don't belong to the vegetable Kingdom neither the animal Kingdom; they are really the fruit of a structure living in the superficial grounds of the forests, or on the trunks of the trees and residuals in decomposition. It is a magnificent alternative for the preparation of nutritious dishes pleasing to the whole family. You can consume it uncooked or cooked, and in both ways they maintain their nutritious qualities.
They own a variety of nutrients, being very rich in proteins and nitrogens. They contain mineral salts as phosphoric Acid, iron and oligo-elements. Depending on each specie, they can have moderate quantities of A, B, C and D vitamins.
Agroprodex produces and exports the best product for your table and it is in its varieties:
Dried Mushrooms, Mushrooms in brine.
Nutritious and tasteful, the Agroprodex lentils constitute a necessary food in the infant diets, standing out for their exquisite taste and texture.

They help in the face of the cardiac illnesses, since they diminish the levels of cholesterol and fats, because of their high content in fiber and fitatos.

They dietarily own a great value; it is for this reason that they have become one of the more recommended legumes by the nutritionists. They are rich in proteins, calories, minerals and hydrates of carbon. They own 24% of proteins, besides vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and folic Acid.
They contain a great variety of minerals as calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, nickel, potassium and zinc.

Of all the carbohydrates that contain the lentils, 5 are made of fibers, those that help in the digestion process and to reduce the cholesterol. Others of their advantages are that they help in the circulation of the heart and the cardiovascular system.
The chickpeas produced by Agroprodex stand out for their delicious taste to walnut and firm texture. They constitute a very valuable food from the nutritional point of view.

This legume like many others of its class can be cooked in different ways, as much in stews as in salads.

They owns diverse nutritional components that allow to combat the cholesterol,
TThey have properties laxatives and balance the nervous system. They alleviate the duodenum and peptic ulcers; they diminish the stomach Acidity and contain big quantities of minerals salts and vitamins of the group B.

The chickpea and the legumes in general are the richest foods in fibers and proteins, as well as the meats, and as rich in hydrates of carbon as the cereals.
The Bean is one of the most nutritious legumes for our organism. It contains albumin, hydrates of carbon and a variety of minerals salts.
The chemical analyses of the legumes show a great wealth in proteins. These have as main mission the formation and reparation of the tissues, and they also provide energy in emergency situations.
Agroprodex produces exports and selects the best bean for your table, in their six varieties:
This fruit of beauty aspect is a bush belonging to the family of the roses. It is made up by substances having importants therapeutic properties.

The product is processed in the moderns Plants of Agroprodex with an outstanding and specialized staff in these labours. It grows in wild way or as cultivated between 7th and 10th regions of our country, generally those having a cold and rainy climate.

Rosehips pulpy shell has a high content in C vitamin. From the seeds of its fruit-constituting until 70% of its weight an oil is obtained which has small quantities of transretinoic Acid, substance which allows the recuperation of the skin atrophied by external or internal causes.
The oil that we can obtain from Rosehips offers numerous dermatological and cosmetics qualities tested scientifically. It regenerates and nourishes the skin, eliminating non deep wrinkles and reducing scars; it redistributes the pigmentation allowing the elimination of stains; and it carries out preventive and correctives actions to the photoaging and cutaneous cancer because of exhibition to the solar radiations, through the melanina autogeneration. In addition, it produces very good results in the treatment of patient with cutaneous diseases.
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