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Omorfohori Larisa
- Edible Snails - Canned Snail Meat -
Our company “ AGROFARMA”, founded in 2001, and our head office and farm is based in Larissa – Greece. After 15 years of successful activity in breeding and processing snails, we are able to offer an excellent quality of snails. Our snails are from the type Helix Aspresa Muller (Petit Gris). This specie of snails is delicious for consumption and with guaranteed taste. Over the years, we created new lines of production, and offered for sale the following products: • Hibernated snails with expiration period of 6 months • Blanched deeply frozen snails/boiled deeply frozen snails meat • Canned snail meat ( without shell) in brine – 2 sizes • Snail slime for cosmetic companies (From next year) Our products are produces in special rooms, according the E.U. rules.
Tel: ++306972071037 Fax: ++306972071037
Canned Snail Meat ofered by Agrofarma on Thefoodworld
Canned Snail Meat
Edible Snails ofered by Agrofarma on Thefoodworld
Edible Snails
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