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Trg Drazena Petrovica 3 10000 Zagreb,Croatia
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About us
The Agrokor Group is the largest private company in Croatia and one of the leading regional companies with consolidated total revenues of more than HRK 21bn in 2007 and employing more than 31,000 people.

The Agrokor Group's core businesses are the production and distribution of food and drinks on the one hand and retail on the other, comprising among others Croatia's largest producers of mineral water - Jamnica d.d.; ice-cream - Ledo d.d.; oil, margarines and mayonnaise - Zvijezda d.d.; the largest Croatian meat industry - PIK Vrbovec d.d.; Belje, the largest agricultural and industrial capacity in Croatia and the leading retail chain - Konzum d.d.

Since it was established 30 years ago, due to a clear business vision, a consistently applied strategy and well-considered investments Agrokor has grown from a small family-owned company for the production and sale of flowers to become the leading food industry and retail group in the region today.

The leading positions of Agrokor's companies are reflected in their hight market shares, with Ledo holding 80% of the Croatian ice cream market and Zvijezda 83% of the margarines market, while Jamnica dominates the mineral and spring water market in Croatia with 80% and 58.7%, respectively.

Having achieved and strengthened its indisputable leading positions on the market of Croatia in all of its major businesses, Agrokor has made a further step in an attempt to realize its long-term strategic objective - a key position throughout the region.

Apart from the Croatian companies, the Agrokor Group today also comprises companies from all over the region acquired during the last few years: Ledo Čitluk, Sarajevski kiseljak, Velpro Sarajevo, Frikom, Dijamant, Idea, Ledo Hungary and Fonyodi.
Our Brands
Agrokor is a company that founds its business policies on the development of strong brands and their continual improvement.

The brands of Agrokor's companies are in principle leaders on the Croatian market while some of them are already leaders on the regional market as well.

Our brands and products are of high quality and are the strongest competitive advantage since their leading positions are the result of constant investments in the latest technologies, know how, marketing, distribution as well as continuous communication with the consumers.

Ledo, King, Jamnica, Jana, Zvijezda, Margo, Frikom, Konzum... are just some of our key leading brands of which many have become the generic term in their category.
Integrated Management Systems
In the forthcoming period, Agrokor is shifting its business operations towards the implementation and maintenance of integrated management systems, in accordance with international system standards and requirements:

- ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental management system as a dominating system that controls all environmental aspects with strong and efficient environmental protection
- ISO 9001:2000 – Quality management system
- OHSAS 18001:1999 – Occupational health and safety management system
- ISO 22000:2005 – Food safety management system
- HACCP – Hazard analysis and critical control point system
- GLOBALGAP – Good Agricultural Practice standard

By ensuring and continually improving the quality of our products, we want potential customers to choose us on the grounds of our reliability, safety and indisputable quality. The secret of our success lies in our concern for consumer safety.
Through these management systems, the quality and food safety of raw and production materials, as well as the final products are achieved throughout the production cycle, as are workplace safety and a complete cycle of environmental protection in all segments of Agrokor companies and beyond.

It is our goal to meet the demands of our customers, while complying with all international standards.

In accordance with the explicit requirements for standards regarding all business processes and systems, continuous improvement is the right solution when it comes to the design, development and implementation of efficient management systems that provide measurable results at all levels of Agrokor operations.
Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
Agrokor introduced its Environmental Management Policy on 5 June 2006, International Environmental Protection Day. This represents a logical continuation of and expansion on the Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development promulgated on Earth Day, 22 April 2002, which bears witness to Agrokor’s continuous concern for environmental protection. The policy is a result of teamwork of the Agrokor Environmental Consultancy Service supported by all its organizational units and signed by Agrokor's CEO Mr. Ivica Todorić.

The concern of Agrokor companies for environmental protection is both professional and proactive. The implementation and improvement of systematic environmental management in accordance with international ISO 14001:2004 standard guidelines based on sustainable development are aimed at reducing any kind of pollution in the immediate, broader and global surroundings, and receive continuous support through improvement programmes. All environmental aspects are documented and supported by programmes designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainable development throughout the Agrokor Group are the result of thousands of day to day decisions made by all of us. These are materialized whenever we are resolute in carrying them out. Our employees are vital links in ensuring the strength of the systematic environmental management chain.

Scope of the Environmental Protection Consultancy Service
The principal tasks of the Agrokor Environmental Protection Consultancy Service include: compliance with the law when addressing environmental protection and nature conservation; systematic hazardous and non-hazardous waste management; control of all emissions in water, soil and air; monitoring the use of energy and other sources; prevention of pollution; adequate response to emergencies; promoting and advancing education and raising awareness on environmental protection; exchange of communications and know-how within the Group and beyond; internal audits and external system controls and encouraging cooperation with the most distinguished companies and suppliers in the field of the environmental protection with which it cooperates.

We take constant care of nature and the environment, not only within the limits of the Agrokor organizational units but beyond, spreading our positive influence to all consumers, interested parties and others, all in an effort to attain a common goal - ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND NATURE CONSERVATION!

The bottom line is that we have opted for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT that cares for the environment and is technically acceptable, economically feasible and socially acceptable and, ultimately, allows the needs of present generations to be met without compromising the needs of future generations.
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