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Calvario, 5 34468 Lantadilla, Palencia, Spain
- Spirits - Liqueur -


Our History
The company was founded in 1934 by Don Aureliano González Escudero, making its spirits so popular throughout the region. Tradition went on with their children who continued with production which increased every year.
After several years, manufacturing has been modernized, but the process remains craftsman, in the spirit of its founder.
Actually, liquor and spirits Gonqui are world famous, exporting its products to several countries and in a continuous process of expansion.
First we proceed to collect the grape marc, from the best wine cellars of Castilla y León and are transported to our storage tanks for a later selection and distillation.
Once the fermentation of grape marc is finished we proceed to distillation.
We select different qualities so we can get the different varieties of liquors and spirits.
Resulting products from distillation are transferred to macerating machines, where various natural ingredients are added for the different flavors, honey, sloes, etc ... obtaining our entire range of premium spirits and liqueurs quality.
In our oak barrels spirits "ages" to twenty-five years, and gives rise to our excellent spirits Aging, Reserve and Great Reserve.
Gonqui Warranty
Lantadilla is a small town in Palencia, located by the Pisuerga River, and it has a deserved reputation as grape marc spirit producer.
Our spirits are elaborated with an extraordinary selection of orujos from the best wine-producing regions of Castilla-Leon. They are transported to our warehouses for a good silage, so after fermentation we proceed to distillation.
The distillation of our spirits is a process that we do very slowly and with great care, until we get its unmistakable aroma and taste.
Aguardientes de Lantadilla GONQUI ensures total purity of their products, which are obtained by 100% natural distilling of its white spirits and the spirits-liquor by maceration of their natural products.
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