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- Food Ingredients - Food Colours -

The Colour Of Taste
Nature has pigmented a wide range of colours in eatables, in and around us. Thus, man has developed an instinct to get attracted to food and drinks which bear pleasant colours.
Adding attractive colours can definately enhance the appetizing value of food & drinks; and more so certain colours compliment certain flavour.
Since its inception 50 years ago, the Ajanta Group has improvised on methods and & technologies in producing quality food colours.
An Experience With Colours
"Our first transaction with a customer is the
beginning of a long term relationship"
Yag Dev Bhardwaj
Today, with vast experience and performance behind us, we have achieved much as a leading manufacturer and exporter of food colours: and still derive inspiration to accomplish more and similise Ajanta with Food Colours across the Globe

A Use of Colours
Our colours are widely used in the Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic industries throughout the world :
- Products like Biscuits, Confectioneries, Dairy Products, Snack Foods, Sherbets/Squashes, Ice Cream, Pet Foods, Alcoholic Soft Drinks, Soups, Jams Pickles, Sweets, Creams/Pastes, Tablets and many more...
A Range of Colours
Our range of colours provide you with a set of primary colours, secondary colours (derived from primary) as well as Lake Colours. These food colours can also be produced as per your specific needs, and can be matched with any colour specified by you.
Some of the colours on our shade card are -
Sunset Yellow
Ponceau 4R
Brilliant Blue
Chocolate Brown Erythrosine
Indigo Carmine Quinoline Yellow WS Red 2G Allura Red AC
Our in-house production of intermediates ensures superior quality colour production.
Due to this added capacity we have successfully reduced the product cost and equipped ourselves to meet bulk requirements in stipulated time and achieve quality control.
Packaging Options of Colours
convenient packaging options.
In providing uniform and standard quality colours to our customers, we understand the importance of durable and flexible Packing Options.
The food colours are packed and sealed in strong packaging, ensuring freshness and the desired quality. All relevant information about the colour are clearly specified on the package.
Ajanta food colours have convinient packaging options.
The "best of quality at minimum cost" is an advantage with us: an important ingredient for a long and lasting relationship with our respected customers.
food colours
The Colours of Quality
The Ajanta Group, has within its production capacity, 4 manufacturing Plants, in and around New Delhi.
All the 4 Plants are committed to production of food colours through machinery designed for high productivity & quality.
The skilled technicians are thriving to meet quality control, and are constantly improving on exsisting standards.
As a part of our Quality Initiative, we have set up modern laboratories.
The Quality Initiative in Ajanta is led by its chairperson Mr. S. D. Bhardwaj, who personally heads the research and development activities within the organization.
Ajanta is successfully working towards nullifying the difference between desired and achieved quality.
Worldwide Colours
Ajanta's 50 years of experience, plant and machinery and expert staff has all contributed in producing food colours which meet global standards.
And that is why our products are exported to nations across all five continents of the globe. Our quality products have been accepted in high quality concious markets of America and Europe.
Today Ajanta has emerged as the leading manufacturers and exporters of food colours based in India.....
Nature has pigmented a wide range of colours in the eatables provided by it. Thus, human has developed an instinct to get attracted to foods and drinks which bear pleasant colours
Adding attractive colours can definately enahnce the appetizing value of food & drinks; and more so certain colours compliment certain flavours.
Technically a colour additive is any dye, pigment or substance that can impart colour when added or applied to food, drug, cosmetic or the human body.
The primary reasons of adding colours to foods include -
To offset colour loss due to exposure to light, air, extremes of temperatures, moisture and processing of food.
Off-colour foods are often incorrectly associated with inferior quality
To enhance colours that occur naturally but at levels weaker than those associated with a given food.
To provide a colourful appearance to certain "fun foods". Many candies and holiday treats are coloured to create a festive appearance.
To protect flavours and vitamins that may be affected by sunlight during storage.


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