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5km From Noori Gate, Sillanwali Road 40101 Near 79 Storp, Sargodha Pakistan
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 This is to introduce M/s. Al-Rafique Enterprises, one of the Oldest & Biggest Fruit Handling Firm in Pakistan. Al-Rafique (An Arabic word literal meanings The Companion), and we mean it “A Business Companion.”

It has started its Business Operations in 1937 in Kapoor Thala near Jalandhar, East Punjab – India by Mr. Fazal Muhammad. We are proud to say that Al-Rafique Enterprises were pioneers in handling all types of Fruits and over the years we not only gained in experience, but also expertise.

We have now established ourselves as a Pakistan’s one of the biggest fruit handlers, as well as developed a sure trust not only among the exporters from Pakistan, but also among the importers at abroad. Through high quality of our expertise, we have not only made Pakistan proud, and earn more foreign exchange, but have also helped to introduce Pakistan’s pride produce all over the world.

Al-Rafique enterprises takes pride in installing state of the art & sophisticated fruit processing machinery in the heart of Kinoo fields, erected over 7,500 Square Meter Area, the plant has been recognized for its efficiency with a processing capacity of 150 Metric Tons /Day.

Al-Rafique Enterprises has also acquired cold storage facilities in collaboration with its sister concern, M/s. Madina Cold Store, which has a storage capacity of 1,250 Metric Tons approx. using approved & food graded materials.

Al-Rafique Enterprises has excelled on the basis of its quality consciousness, which remains its ultimate commitments with the buyers. Its efforts are well served by Packing, Packaging and strong Transportation Network for timely Deliveries which are mandatory in such type of Business.

It is also well served by the Infrastructure Capacity of its cold storages and by its experienced & professional Team Members as well.

In Short Al-Rafique Enterprises can be “The Truly Business Companion.”

  Kinnow History:
 Citrus fruits have special importance due to their distinct flavors and therapeutic values. These are rich in Vitamin C with fair amounts of Vitamin A & B. Besides this, they are rich source of minerals (Calcium, phosphorus and Iron). The juice is very refreshing, delicious and soothing. Pakistan is among the top thirteen citrus producing countries of the world.
"Kinnow is a citrus cultivar of mandarin. It is a hybrid of two citrus cultivars; "King" and "Willow Leaf" and is classified as kinnow mandarin. It was first introduced from California – USA to the Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute, Lyallpur (Now University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan) in the Sub-continent in 1943-44. This "easy peeler" citrus has assumed special economic importance and export demand being acknowledged for its high juice content, special flavor, delicious taste and. “Nutritional Compositions which are equally benefited for all age groups.
 Pakistani Kinnow Nutritional Composition:

Acidity (%)
Juice Content
Non-reducing Sugars (%)
Reducing Sugars (%)
Total Soluble Solids (%)
Total Sugars (%)
Vitamin - C (mg/100gm)

Pakistani Kinnow’s Salient Characteristics:
  • Easy Peeler.
  • High Juice Content.
  • Rich source of Vitamin ‘C’.
  • Delicious & Refreshing Taste.
  • Highly Flavored & Aromatic.
  • Attractive Color / Melting Flesh.
  • Table Serving Fruit.
  • High Nutritional Compositions which are equally benefited for all age groups.
  • Highly seeded is the only demerit of this GOD gifted Fruit.
 Kinnow Season:
 Kinnow Season remains open every year from November 15, to April 15.
 Harvesting, Sorting, Sweet & Treated Water Washing, Drying, Waxing, Grading, Packing / Packaging, Pre – Cooling are the most common processes which are being practiced at Al – Rafique Enterprises under stringent hygienic conditions ensuring international food safety measure.
Kinnow Size / Counts:
Kinnow grain size consist on 55mm to 90mm which can be distributed in 8 different grades further can be packed in 06, 08, 10 & 13kg Export Worthy, Food graded Corrugated Cartons
 Packing Available:
 06, 08, 10, 13kg in Export Worthy, Food graded Corrugated Cartons. Buyer’s specific requirement can also be entertained.
 Shelf Life / Export: 
 After processing kinnow can be survived for 50 to 60 days and shipped in refrigerated (temperature controlled) containers.
  • Middle East
  • Far East
  • Iran
  • Europe
  • Russia
Central Asian Countries


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