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131, Ulitsa, Stefan cel Mare 3000 Soroca, Moldova
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The joint-stock company "Alfa-Nistru" is one of the large-scale producers of canned fruit and vegetables and juices in the Republic of Moldova. The company is located in the northern part of the country, in the city of Soroka. 45 years of work made "Alfa-Nistru" grow from a small juice workshop into the Industrial Union of cannery and farming service center, owning 2550 hectares of rented agricultural lands.
The Joint-Stock company "Alfa-Nistru" produces and sells approximately 40 different units of production from fruit, berries and vegetables:
compotes, jams, confiture;
natural fruit and berry juices in "Tetra-Pak" package;
natural tomato juice in "Tetra-Pak";
pickled vegetables;
canned green peas;
canned sweet corn;
concentrated apple juice.
Production and delivering of fresh fruit, vegetables and berries, as well as their seedlings and sprouts is another strategically important field of activity of the company.
JSC "Alfa-Nistru"'s corporate policy is producing ecologically clean high-quality food, using genetically unaltered plants, complying with all kinds of international standards and satisfying customers' needs. It is equally important to establish reasonable prices on the market, thus providing customers' satisfaction.
The awards received at regional and international exhibitions demonstrate the quality of "Alfa-Nistru" 's production.
Factors defining the quality of "Alfa-Nistru"'s products are:
High quality of raw material used in production, the company itself grows a large part of it;
High quality of water used in engineering processes;
Advanced production methods;
Efficient product control executed by factory laboratory;
High quality package and labels.
Our company's marketing policy aims at studying market requirements, customer demand and customers' tastes, which define the growth of product range and production volume of the company, and at improving technological methods and product packaging.
JSC "Alfa-Nistru" is highly concerned with maintaining good business relations with its partners and with gaining new customers in the following fields:
fruit and vegetable preserves and juices;
fresh fruit, vegetables and berries;
seedlings and sprouts of highly productive kinds of berries and fruit.
We recommend that both adults and children enjoy our products, being an example of wholesome food, which would always create healthy environment around you.
The Joint-Stock company "Alfa-Nistru" is a dynamically working company, which proved to be reliable partner in the world of business.
The Joint-Stock company "Alfa-Nistru" was founded in 1962 after the food factory "Soroka cannery" had been reorganized. Production of fruit and vegetable preserves has always been the main field of company's activity. The enterprise started from a canning workshop.
In 1982, the aseptic processing and packaging workshop, targeted at processing of fruit juices and storing under aseptic conditions, was put in commission.
In 1993, the construction of bottling workshop for "Tetra-Pak" packing was completed. The same year the enterprise was privatized and reorganized as the JSC "Alfa-Nistru". The private property owned by the company made up 100 %, which also made for company's success.
At the very beginning the production volume of Soroca cannery was 2 mil. conventional cans. In the course of development the company increased its working area, upgraded its equipment, and updated package design with the one complying with European standards. Nowadays, the production capacity of JSC "Alfa-Nistru" has reached 100 000 tons of fruit and vegetable raw material.
When the national economy started to improve, the JSC "Alfa-Nistru" managed to increase its production capacity, extend its marketing outlets and improve its financial and economic indices due to the proper organization of the company. Being internationally oriented, the enterprise was one of the leading companies influencing the reorganization of the national economy. In order to successfully enter the foreign markets, in 1992-2001, we enlarged the range of goods and purchased such highly productive equipment as:
Swiss presses "Bucher", the output being 8 ton/hour each;
Juice concentrating equipment "Unipektin", (Switzerland), the output being 5 tons of concentrated juice per hour;
Juice production line - "Tetra-Pak" packaging (Sweden);
Closing equipment for "Twist-off" cans (Italy);
Jam production lines (Italy);
Modern autoclaves (Germany);
Green peas production lines (Germany);
Efficient production lines of canned corn (USA).
We gave highest priority to automating the process of production, which improved working environment and increased labour productivity. New technologies and equipment led to automating of all industrial processes, which changed the enterprise's looks.
In 1997, the company rented 200 hectares of land to start a nursery for breeding virus-free saplings of fruit trees and sprouts of highly productive kinds of raspberry, strawberry, and currants. In 1998-2001 the area of rented lands raised up to 2500 hectares. The enterprise allocated 6.2 hectares of land area to plant a high-intensity apple garden, which would be later be enlarged to 300 hectares.
In 1998, the JSC "Alfa-Nistru", assisted by Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, organized the Farmers' Service Center to provide services in ploughing, sowing, harvesting, cultivation and spraying the private lots of land. The center also provides farmers with planting stock, seeds and renders consulting and laboratory services.
Today our company has a complex structure, and employs many skilled technicians. Up-to-date technologies and many years' experience of our employees make our products best in quality and taste.
"Alfa-Nistru" JSC strategy is in the production of ecologically pure products of high quality that correspond to the international standards and clients' requirements on advantageous prices. The priority-driven direction in the area of technology is the application of equipment of the world leading producers of high methods and technologies of the packing industry side by side with the long-term experience of the highly qualified specialists of the factory.
To keep up the high-class production quality, productive capacities of our enterprise have been modernized by dint of the substitution of the time-worn equipment for the up-to-date high-production processing lines with the capacity up to 100 000 t. of fruit and vegetable material annually.
Our company has the high-production equipment allowing turning out the production of the highest level:
presses "Buсher" (Sweden) for manufacture of the concentrated juice;
plant for the production of the apple juice "Unipektin" (Switzerland);
the line of the juice production in the "Tetra-Pak" package (Sweden);  
the equipment for packing the jars like "Twist-off" (Italy);
lines of the jam production (Italy);
up-to-date autoclaves (Germany);
green pea production lines (Germany);
high-production lines of canned maize production (USA).
Up-to-date preservation technologies allow preserving all the flavouring and nutritious qualities of product during the whole period of storage.
The juices are produced in accordance with the "Tetra Pak" technology (Sweden). It permits to preserve the useful product qualities for a long time. Unlike the traditional systems sterilizing the product in the package, in case of the aseptic package, the product is sterilized separately and then it is filled in the previously sterilized package. All the process of the product sterilization and juice packing is performed with the aseptic conditions.
This system permits removing from the products:
pathogen microorganisms,
toxic substances,
microorganisms, able to reproduce under conditions of warehousing and distribution,
yeast and mold.
This is also an important element influencing the quality of our juices and beverages.
Harmonic combination of new technologies with long-term experience of the specialists of the enterprise guarantees the high quality of our production as well as its usefulness and taste. We are open to cooperation with new partners on the mutually beneficial conditions. For this, we have good production plant and long-term experience.
"Alfa-Nistru" JSC produces and realizes canned production of fruit, berries and vegetables. The assortment includes about 40 articles:
Compotes, jams, preserves;
Natural juices of fruit and berries in the "Tetra-Pak" package;
Natural tomato juice in "Tetra-Pak";
Pickled vegetables;
Canned green peas;
Canned sweet maize;
Concentrated apple juice.
The up-to-date technologies and long-term specialists' experience contribute into the production. The plant is equipped with the installments of the leading producers. The European standard package "Twist-off" is used for our products.
All the products are produced in the strict correspondence with requirements of the governmental standards without conserving agents or colorants. The fabrication methods and the production quality are constantly checked up by the state authorized controlling units. The Republican Centre on Metrology and Standartisation certifies all our production.
The aseptic preservation method allows retaining all the flavouring and nutritious qualities of the products during the whole period of storage.
The raw material quality is extremely important for the production of competitive, quality production. The preserved production of "Alfa-Nistru" JSC is produced of first-class raw material grown in the Dniester valleys where the climatic conditions further the formation of all the nutrients and vitamins. The raw material is grown using natural, scientific and up-to-date methods. All the feedstock is ecologically pure, grown of the quality seeds of high-yielding sorts.
For the effective provision of "Alfa-Nistru" JSC with the feedstock, there has been created the Agricultural Sector at the Enterprise. Its members are highly qualified agronomists who closely co-operate with the suppliers for the creation of the high-quality source of raw materials. Seminars on the agricultural problems are organised, the raw suppliers are provided with seeds and saplings. In exchange for this, "Alfa-Nistru" JSC demands the quality feedstock and well-timed deliveries from the suppliers. In addition to it, the Sector is occupied with the selection and adaptation of the new sorts of cucumbers and tomatoes to the new conditions as well as cultivation and growing of the different sorts of currants, strawberries, raspberries, apple-trees, apricots, peaches and pears.
The Company is interested in creation of the local source of raw materials of very high quality storing the best sorts of vegetables, fruit and berries, as "Alfa-Nistru" JSC is going to launch a new series of products of strawberry, raspberry (a rich assortment of mixed juice, jams etc).
We are open for cooperation with new partners on the mutually beneficial conditions. For this, we have the good production plant and long-term experience.
The natural fruit and vegetable canned goods of 'VIS'
is the vitamin energy on your table!


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