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Alifood is a leading Italian trading company and niche marketer of food and agricultural products,especially of high quality typical and traditional Italian food products and ingredients.
Created in 1997 and currently headquartered in Italy, Alifood acts as an export company with expertise in consumer food, industrial food ingredients and manufacturing contracts. We have contacts with 18 different countries; we sell regularly our products to 11 markets worldwide. Our main export markets are in East and West Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia and from this year we deal  also with Australia. 
We link producers and manufacturers on a global basis, integrating sourcing, marketing and transportation. We bring our expertise in business development and sales to promote the Italian food tradition and in the same time launch new high quality products worldwide on behalf of our customers.
Our aim is to make available to the international markets the genuine culinary traditions and delights of Italy promoting products with flavors, aromas, colours of their land of origin. Products which are strictly connected with the classic Italian gastronomic tradition while produced, manufactured, and preserved using the most advanced and innovative technologies to ensure the mantaining of the original quality trough the point of consumption.
The richness of our assortment of basic products allows us to offer personalized service,according to clients' needs and the type of event.
Our company is a joint venture between a group of companies and persons with different experience and knowledge in the trading and industrial field. An extensive financial network with a complete understanding of the business, which makes Alifood an ideal partner for international industries, food service and retailers interested in the traditional ingredients and in the high quality products of the Italian "way of eating".
A solid sales network and links with the major Italian and European foodstuff manufacturers, combined with a deep knowledge of the countries  and of the production areas, have earned Alifood a leading position on the international foodstuffs market, particularly in production, sale and distribution of the typical products of Italian cuisine. Acting as buying office for importers, retailers and manufacturers, we offer complete supply solutions to identify, select, control, customize and ship products worldwide; we provide our clients with regular information, we select products, negotiate with suppliers, inspect factories and guarantee delivery to our clients requirements.
Alifood represents at the same time mid-size producing companies on foreign markets through export, local distribution, marketing and promotion of all the traditional ingredients of the Italian cuisine (dry, fresh and frozen). Many Italian factories are producing for us or are exporting their products trough us.
We provide not only quality food but also unparalleled quality service. We are particularly active on contract production of food products and on development of sales under producer and distributor own brand, but also under our own house brand “La Terra Amata”. It is our aim to make high quality gourmet food elaborated by highly qualified Italian producers available to the worldwide specialty consumer.
In order to achieve shares in the most important markets worldwide, we are mastering continuously:
  • quality and cost effectiveness of our products;
  • supply chain efficiencies and costs;
  • innovation in systems, logistic, storage and packaging;
  • added value of our service;
  • customers requirements and satisfaction;
  • market changing trends and opportunities;
  • protection of the environment.
Alifood is specialized in the creation of private label products. We can realize kit made up of several different products with or without private label, according to client needs. Our commitment to service makes is a reliable, strong, partner a reference point for retailers, caterers and food industry worldwide. We select our products directly with manufacturers, we buy from them, acting for them as their low risk buyer, contolling in addition the packaging, the shipping, the consolidation and the financing of the orders.
The gastronomic production of a country, its eating habits and the traditional dishes  wich have graced its tables  for centuries are  an integral part of a nation's culture, traditions and daily life. The goodness of the Italian food product depends to a great extent on the quality of the raw materials and the place of origin, but primarly on the production method and manufacturing techniques.
All of our products, which are carefully selected  and checked, are produced by leading food comanies wich remain true to the classic Italian gastronomic tradition while using modern and advanced technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality, price competitiveness and protection of the environment and service. Food safety, product quality and provenance, traceability, environmental care are key drivers of our production's requirements. The fact that most of our suppliers are certified ISO 9001, ISO 22000 internationally recognised standard, ISO 14001 environment and BRC or IFS  quality procedures enhance our customers confidence and guarantees the safety of our products.
The variety, the quality and the originality of its components, have made the Italian diet increasingly popular among consumers in a growing number of international markets and the favourite choice of gourmets worldwide.
Pasta, pasta sauces, olive oil, wines,  fresh, preserved and dry vegetables are the basic ingredients of a typical Italian meal and an delicious combination of unmistakable flavours and aromas.
All our dry  products are carefully selected in different Italian regions, respecting the local production methods and traditions and at  the time maintaining the flavours, aromas, colours and spirit of their land of origin.
Food freshness is a key characteristic of overall food quality.
In the Italian way of cooking the freshness and the genuineness of the food products and of the ingredients are the secret of the goodness  of many excellent dishes and the basis of the whole cooking tradition.
The reason why the Italian food is considerd one of the most popular cuisine in the world, comes from the fact that is an extremely healthy way of eating and is due to a regular use of truly fresh ingredients.
A real Italian meal is made  only with freshest vegetables, high quality seafood, the best cuts of meat, the raw and cooked ham and a large variey of tasty cheeses.
Parma can be considered the "epicenter" of Italian gourmet food. Two of the most renowned Italian culinary delights come from the countryside around this charming Northern city: Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Parma ham is strictly certified in an elaborate procedure that includes, first of all, selection of the best pork, which is then cured in rooms at an ideal humidity in a 14 to 18 month maturing process, that makes it unique.
Its savoury taste is not too salty, which is why Italians call it "prosciutto dolce", to distinguish it from most of the other European ham varietes. It is an essential ingredient for a successful antipasto, particularly when it is served together with a perfectly ripened cantaloupe.
Emilia Romagna is one of the richest and most fertile regions of northern Italy. The plains of the Po River valley are famous farming land. The area between Parma and Reggio Emilia is where Italy's best-known and most exported cheese is produced: Parmigiano Reggiano! Hard and  fat granular cheese, made from raw cow milk, this unique  Italian cheese is manufactured in a limited area and exclusively in the provinces of Parma,Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna and is aged an average of two years.
Its production is regulated by strict criteria and controlled by the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese Consortium.
In addition to the strict regulations of the Consortium, Alifood adds the experience and expertise of wellknown producers and  professional tasters. We also pay great attention to how cheese is aged and transported. 
Freezing is a long been established method of preserving high quality in foods and has been a key technology in brining convenience food to home, restaurants and now also to retail shops.
During the freezing process the food is first cooled to its freezing point wich, depending from the content of salt or other ingredients, is below 0° degree centigrade. One of the main desired effect of freezing is that water is made unavailable for the growth of microrganisms by being in the form of ice. Free water is converted from a liquid to a solid aggregate. Freezing causes the product to solidify, since all the water molecules it contains, crystallize. When water freezes, it expands by about 9% in volume forming ice crystals that vary in size depending on the rate of freezing (i.e. slow freezing gives large crystals, fast freezing smaller one). The rate at wich crystals form is of decisive importance for the quality, the individual form, the texture and the taste of the final product. If freezing takes place slowly, the ice crystals formed inside the cells and tissues are larger, with sharp corners that inevitably damage the cell walls, breaking them; when the product is unfrozen, the liquid component is lost and the product loses its firmness. Its nutritional besides its organoleptic properties are impaired as well. Recent developments in freezing systems have been focused on freezing the food material as rapidly as possible to promote the growth of large numbers of small ice crystal which are not spoiling the cell structure of food. In fact IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology have a great advantage: fast freezing enables obtaining very small ice crystals that do not damage tissue and texture of the product which, defrosted, will regain its original physical properties such as taste, appearance, colour, and particle integrity of the fresh product. In IQF technology, temperature and time are key factors to ensure extended preservability of perishable food not only as regards their edibility but also to their organoleptic properties. Each product is frozen singly, thus keeping his individual form and texture and is frozen quickly (below at least -18 °C in less than 30minutes) as a result of which the product's cell structure are retained.
The success of freezing technology has opened a new field for food processor. It is possible to prepare complete meals and freeze them until the consumer is ready to thaw and heat them.
·         Availability: effectively available and always in season
·         Labour Savings: easy and fast to prepare and serve
·         No Waste: everything is usable; no discarding or spoilage
·         Portion Control: effective way of controlling plate presentation and food costs
·         Storage: makes efficient the use of storage space
·         Affordability: great price stability throughout the year
·         Nutrition: equal nutritional value compared with fresh and no need of preservatives
Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti, Valpolicella are only a few internationally well-known witnesses of the terrific wine producing capacity that Italy has.
From the North, all across the country, down to the extreme South, thousands of vineyards in many wine regions are producing a wide range of excellent indigenous grape varieties. We have selected for you famous wines with different flavours in order to satisfy anyone's taste and preferences: from lovely fresh and fruity young wines up to the most complex aged and nobles denominations.
This lovely beverage remains in the Italian traditions a natural complement to delicious dishes, essential to add joy and elegance to every occasion: from picnics to celebrations, from everyday meals to banquets.
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