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C/ D'Ensija, s/n P.I. Sant Isidre 8272 Sant Fruitos De Bages, Barcelona, Spain
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Who we are
Freigel Food Solutions, food industry group, leader in the frozen food sector, created from the merging of Ibergel S.A. and Alimentos Freisa S.A. at the end of 2004. This fusion of more than 30 years of experience compounds a sound knowledge of the sector, speed in adapting to the needs and changes of the market and a production capacity using modern technology and of certified quality.
What we do
At Freigel Food Solutions, we are dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of a wide range of precooked and preprepared foods. The company aims its products at two well-differentiated sectors of the market (approximately 50% each):
- Food service channel
- Food channel
The company also develops their own brands; Frinca and Freisa which are distributed in both channels. Freigel has a clear objective to be a food preparation and distribution company and work for distribution of private brands. As a global supplier, Freigel has become the leader in the sector of frozen preprepared foods. The company is also market leader in volume, with a 9.5% share (30,000 tonnes/quarter).
Our vision
What do we want to be? The best precooked and preprepared foods manufacturer and to offer our clients the biggest and best range of products.
Our mission
Fulfil, with excellence, the product, quality, service and price needs of our clients, creating loyalty and establishing solid, long-lasting relationships.
Freigel Food Solutions brings you a wide range of top quality preprepared and precooked foods. We research and elaborate the best recipes for you to enjoy.
Our pledge is quality and food safety. We maintain rigorous standards to respond to the demands of the existing market. Our products are prepared in installations equipped with the most modern technology. We also have an R&D and quality control team to guarantee the quality of the raw materials and control the organoleptic and microbiological parameters of the finished products.
The brands under which we market our products are Freisa, Frinca and Freiglas. They are all recognized by the consumer as a trustworthy, alternative cuisine, saving them time while enabling them to follow a healthy and balanced diet.
As well as working with our own brands, we also reach the consumer via private brands, we are able to do this given our adaptability and production capability.
Our knowledge of catering is obvious: you need an exquisite product, which is also easy to prepare, enabling you to save time and work, and with the best profitability possible.
We guarantee an efficient and quick response to the needs of our clients, and thus offer creative and effective culinary solutions “from concept to plate”.
Fish, pulses, croquettes, pizzas, cannelloni, lasagne. Frozen foods do not only cover nearly all the food groups but also are a key ingredient to a healthy and balanced diet. They have the same – and at times more – quality and nutritional properties than fresh foods.
Six truths about frozen food from GENA* :
1.         If a food has been frozen properly it possesses the same nutritional properties as fresh food
2.         It is better to buy food frozen than to buy it fresh and freeze it at home
3.         Frozen foods have an extremely high guarantee of food safety and hygiene
4.         Frozen foods have the same taste as fresh foods
5.         You can enjoy a Mediterranean diet the whole year round with frozen foods
6.         Frozen foods are convenient to cook with and economical
Deep freezing is a technique of freezing at a very low temperature (less than -40ºC) and very quickly (maximum 120 minutes) in order to conserve the physical structure of the food products.
The process of freezing affects the way in which the water in the food transforms into ice crystals. The speed of freezing affects the size of the crystals. In fast freezing or deep-freezing small crystals are produced in large quantities. When many small crystals are formed, the tissues are preserved and the characteristic of the texture is maintained in cooking or defrosting. However, in slow freezing the opposite happens, a few crystals of a large size are formed. Thus, the tissues of the food break and this brings about a loss of texture in cooking and defrosting.
The deep freezing food process is the only system that conserves the integrity and quality of the food for the greatest time, minimizing physical, biochemical and microbiological alterations naturally. Thus, we can be assured that we are bringing the best to the table at the time we want.
How to take them home
- Try to make sure that the frozen products are the last ones you buy before you go home.
- Use isothermal bags during transport, particularly if it is a long journey. If you finish the shopping and you do not have one at hand, you can make one: put the frozen product into a plastic bag and close it well, put this bag into another one and close it well.
- Ideally there should not be more than an hour between buying your product and putting in the freezer.
At home
- The frozen product should be put into the freezer immediately. Try to minimize the length of time from the time of purchase.
- The duration of conservation will vary, depending on the number of stars on the freezer. The ideal temperature is -18ºC
How to prepare the food
Defrosting is usually a slower process than freezing; the thermal conductivity of frozen tissues is much less than that of non-frozen. Also, a layer of water on the surface of the product defrosting forms a barrier which keeps the product at 1ºC for a long time, with all the problems the this brings: increase in the concentration, recrystalization and increase in micro organisms. Nearly all the deep frozen precooked products from Freigel allow direct cooking from frozen: no defrosting is necessary.
Follow the instructions you find on the packaging of each product to best enjoy its culinary and alimentary qualities.
Frozen foods are recommended for children and elderly people, as they are easy to chew, they conserve all the nutritional qualities and contribute to following a balanced Mediterranean diet, according to specialists in GENA (Food and Nutrition Study Group).
These nutritionists assure us that these types of food can be used as an alternative to introduce children to products normally refused, such as fish or vegetables. “These frozen foods may appeal to the little ones as they have no bones and they are presented in a variety of fun shapes”.
Mexican food such as we know it today has its origins in the culinary tradition of the Mayas and Aztecs and the contributions brought about after the Spanish conquest. The natives based their diet on products derived from corn mixed with herbs and accompanied with beans. The Spanish brought rice, beef and the use of pre-Columbian spices and foods such as chocolate, tomato and vanilla.
Now, Mexican cuisine has fused with the cuisine of southeast USA forming TexMex, creating dishes that today are favourite “classics”.
Our preprepared products are based on authentic recipes prepared with ingredients of the highest quality in keeping with culinary tradition.
The Doña Lupe and TexMex range from Freigel offer the consumer a variety of authentic Mexican food, such as burritos, tacos and other favourite Mexican dishes.
At Freigel Food Solutions, we make the greatest efforts to satisfy our clients by offering appropriate and delicious products. Our objectives are achieved through the efforts of our employees in Freigel, where we share five values: hard work, enthusiasm, integrity, development and teamwork.
We have made Freigel a company of reference in the food industry by respecting these values.
Our objective is to become the best and largest supplier of preprepared and precooked foods, and we are on the right path. Our company provides training for the development of skills, discovering innovative methods of business development and prepares you for a professional career full of achievements. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find it at Food Solutions.
The employees at Freigel Food Solutions are the pillars of our project. The characteristics valued in our employees are creativity in the face of challenge, energy and an unstoppable proactive attitude.
Freigel Food Solutions follows the equal opportunities rules. All qualified people who apply for work will be considered irrespective of their race, nationality, sex, age, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation or civil status.
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