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Alnwick NE66 1PP Northumberland, United Kingdom
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Alnwick Rum History
'The Legendary' Alnwick Rum is based on a unique old recipe first produced in Alnwick Brewery Co. over 90 years ago. Lost for over 20 years, the recipe for this distinguished dark rum was rediscovered by Ian Linsley of Alnwick, son of the last Managing Director of the Alnwick Brewing Co.
The resurrected company is still based in Alnwick and is searching for replacement premises after the old brewery was demolished, despite its listed status, in the 1980s. Development of the new Brewery and Distillery in Alnwick will allow the blending and bottling of Alnwick Rum to finally return to Northumberland. Until then the aged Guyanan and Jamaican rums which give Alnwick Rum its distinctive full round character are expertly blended in Holland and the resulting Alnwick-approved blend bottled in Scotland. Allowing the legend to live on!
History of the Alnwick Rum Co.
It is believed that Alnwick Rum was first produced by the Alnwick Brewery during the First World War, however once the government began introducing punitive duty to the industry, it became financially uneconomic to continue.
Over subsequent years various bonded warehouses around the country were used for the blending. As is the case today, the duty only became payable once the rum left these warehouses.
The Alnwick Rum Company was first registered by Ian Linsley's father as a limited company in 1966. At this time it was associated with Alnwick Brewery Company Limited, which began trading in the 1860's and was registered as a limited company with the introduction of the Companies Act of 1890.
Alnwick Brewery and the rum company were taken over by Drybroughs Brewery in July 1978. Alnwick Brewery ceased trading in 1986 by which time the rum company had already lapsed.
After Ian's father's death in April 2001, the original rum recipes were found amongst his papers, and the inspiration was found to revive a once thriving concern.
Having already unsuccessfully attempted to acquire the limited company some time earlier Ian was delighted to find it had become available at the beginning of 2003. He was able to re-register Alnwick Rum Company Limited and acquire the appropriate URLs.
Then began the complicated process of finding a suitable blender to revive the product. When this was at last achieved Ian was then in a position to breathe new life into the rum, which is based on the original recipes.
This distinguished dark rum, which has been enjoyed around the world for generations, is based on an old, secret recipe from Alnwick. Lost for 20 years, this unique recipe requires the masterful blending of aged rums from Guyana and Jamaica.
The introduction of other selectively aged rums during the marrying process gives this exceptional blend a distinctive, full, round character with a depth of flavour to delight the palate.
And so... The Legend Lives on.
Alnwick Brewery
The Alnwick Brewery Company Ltd was among the first limited companies ever formed in the UK with the introduction of The Company's Act of 1890.
The company produced a range of beers and ales and at one stage even a bottled water!
The first beer to be recreated is Alnwick IPA, a traditional India Pale Ale which was first produced over 50 years ago. Designed to survive the sea journey to India thanks to its hops and alcohol content, this beer provides an authentic taste of the past.
Taken over by Dryborough's Brewery in 1978, Alnwick Brewery finally ceased trading in 1986 and despite the Brewery itself being a listed building, it was eventually demolished to make way for a supermarket car park!
Thankfully though, many of the original recipes for Alnwick Brewery's historic beers have survived and the new Alnwick Brewery Company is now seeking to recreate these for modern drinkers to enjoy.
Alnwick Brewery MD Ian Linsley hopes that the construction of a new Alnwick Brewery will not be far away, allowing the brewing of these historic beers to return to Northumberland where they belong.
Alnwick IPA
Almost half a century after it was last brewed, an historic local beer is making a welcome come-back.
Alnwick IPA is a traditional India Pale Ale brewed to a distinctive old recipe last produced in Alnwick over 50 years ago. The first of the original Alnwick beers to be recreated by the reformed Alnwick Brewery Co, Alnwick IPA is characterised by its light amber colour, floral hop aroma and refreshingly bitter finish. Originally produced in Alnwick's historic brewery, now sadly demolished, it is hoped that production can soon return to Alnwick with the development of a new brewery and distillery in the town. Until then Alnwick IPA is produced to Alnwick Brewery Co's original recipe by Daleside Brewery in Harrogate.
An historic beer developed in the 19th Century, India Pale Ale was produced for British Empire troops and officials in India and the West Indies and had to be able to survive the long and arduous sea journey. It did this courtesy of a large amount of hops used as a natural preservative, and a high alcohol content. While today's Alnwick IPA is based on a traditional recipe, Ian believes it will appeal to the general public as well as beer connoisseurs:
"This is a beer that will appeal to 90% of people. It's not overly hoppy with lovely malt and caramel flavours. Slightly chilled it's amazingly refreshing."
If you'd like to try Alnwick IPA see 'our suppliers' section for stockists, buy direct via our new shop!
Alnwick IPA's Re-launch
June 2007 saw the re-launch of Alnwick IPA some 50 years after it was last tasted! Held at the Treehouse Bar at Alnwick Gardens and attended by the Duchess of Northumberland, the launch marked a significant milestone for the reformed Alnwick Brewing Company.
As Ian Linsley explained: "From the moment I discovered the old Brewery's recipes I knew that I had to bring brewing back to Alnwick. The launch of Alnwick IPA is the first step towards realising this dream".
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