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Aloe Vera Concentrated Gel 10X Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera Ground Fillets Aloe Vera Fillets
My name is Jorge L Castillo. I am CEO of Aloe Vera Concentrates / Aloe Direct. We are Growers, Processors and Wholesalers of Aloe Vera. Our Facility is Certified by The International Aloe Science Council. Our Fields and Aloe are Certified Organic By CERES - Certification of Environmental Standards -GmbH (Ltd.) Our Products: Aloe Fillets Aloe Ground Fillets Aloe Juice Aloe Juice w/Pulp Aloe Juice Decolorized with pulp Aloe Fillet Concentrated Gel 10X Natural Color Aloe Fillet Concentrated Gel 10X Decolorized
Tel: 1-956-592-6716 Fax: 1-210-401-6463
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