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40 av. Rousseau 6001 Charleroi, Marcinelle, Belgium
- Poultry Meat Products - Fries - Jams - Chocolate - Champagne - Wine - Butter -


ALPHA S.A. : Experts in export, at your service !
Being effective in exporting does not happen spontaneously, it requires meticulous attention to researching and processing the data needed to meet the customer's requirements.
With strong sales networks, an expert and dynamic workforce, reliable and innovative partners, and a long experience of the market, ALPHA brings together all the elements that you require from a solid trading partner.
Our sales networks are constantly evolving, benefiting fully from the latest Internet-based technologies. They guarantee for your quality products the best prices and the fastest turnover.
We work with the largest factories and international suppliers in a climate of confidence and mutual respect. We pass on these benefits to you in pursuit of our aim of providing you with up-to-date products of the highest quality. With our long experience in international trade we can tailor our service to the practices and techniques relevant to specific activities and specific markets.
Additionally, ALPHA can assist you in your logistics. In our capacity as your Business Manager, we could for example be able to regroup your various orders into a single consignment for shipment.
Our international partners in banking, insurance and other financial services add further benefits as we provide you with a complete service.
For ALPHA, 'partnership' is not an abstract concept !
Throughout the management of your project, you will be listened to, you will be consulted and you wilt be kept informed by one of our consultants specialised in the products which interest you.
Our membership of a large-scale international grouping is a further guarantee of the solidity and reliability that you require in a trading partner.
So, it remains for you simply to discover our company and our products, test our capabilities and judge us by our performance.
The history of the company is closely connected with the arrival of TRAVHYDRO within the Group DE COCK in 1987.
In that year, the DE COCK purchased TRAVHYDRO, along with all its activities in Belgium as well as those located in Africa. These comprised several subsidiary companies in Central Africa, as well as an extensive local customer base.
The most important subsidiary companies remaining active today are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Burundi and in Rwanda: the TRAVHYDRO GROUP and the individual companies DE COCK in Kinshasa, SOCO in Lubumbashi, UTEMA-TRAVHYDRO BURUNDI in Bujumbura and SONATUBES in KIGALI.
Within TRAVHYDRO, the functioning of the African subsidiary companies of the group and the interests of their customers has been assured, for more than 40 years, through the import-export company UTEMA-TRAVHYDRO IMPORT-EXPORT.
In order to streamline this activity with a view to sustaining the development of the African market, the group restructured around the company ALPHA in 1997 with new computer technologies, logistical facilities and human resources.
Today the company ALPHA S.A. which had been created in 1984 co-ordinates the exporting activities of the Group DE COCK Its current turnover exceeds € 2,500,000 a year, a figure which is constantly growing.
With a team of ten highly-experienced export specialists at their disposal, the Management of the Group and of ALPHA S.A. in particular foresee sustained development and continued growth in the African markets.
We intend that this effort, on our own account and with the involvement of our partners, will bring additional benefits for the populations of the countries in which we operate.
In this respect, we are supporting several social initiatives in these countries: rebuilding hospitals and establishing transfusion and welfare centres. Our mission is to be an effective partner in Africa, today and even more so tomorrow.
Food products:
We have such a wide range for these products that we cannot list them all below. We can also let you have quotations for other food products according to your requirements. Please don't hesitate to ask us. We look forward to receiving your price requests.  
Butter is a product obtained exclusively from pasteurised cow's milk cream, by churning and creaming.
"Les Fins Herbages" butter is made with fresh cream collected every day in the heart of the finest pasturelands in Eastern Belgium, in a region where gastronomic tradition has led to a love of developing and making quality products.
"Les Fins Herbages" butter is protected from the light and from oxidation in the air by its aluminium foil wrapping. Protected in this way, it retains all its qualities of its natural environment, brought together thanks to our work.
Technical data:
Chemical Composition:
Minimum 82% butyric fats
Maximum 16% moisture
Maximum 2% non-fat milk solids
Maximum 1.5% salt (salted butter)
Bacteriological standards:
Contaminants: max. 1000/g
Yeasts: max.100/g
Moulds: max.10/g
Coliforms: max. 10/g
Storage and life:
2 months at a temperature below +6°C
1 year at a temperature below -18°C.
Wines and champagne
We can let you have prices for the following product which are part of our own range :
261 Cavaillan VDT 75 cl
L3901 Maîtres viticulteurs VDP 12% 75 cl
L3883 Maître sommelier Sauvignon VDP 75 cl
26602 Muscadet Valentin Fleur AOC 75 cl
36107 Entre-deux-mers B. de Font. AOC 75 cl
2711 Rivaner AOC 75 cl Peters Mertes
L5112 Château Pouyanne A. Graves 75 cl
27710 Pinot blanc A Alsace 75 cl
274 Liebfraumilch 75 cl
L70 Sweet white communion wine
310 Cavaillan VDT 75 cl
L3800 Maîtres viticulteurs VDP 75 cl
31500 Rosé Anjou AOC 75 cl Valentin Fleur
L3801 Maître sommelier Gris de gris VDP 75 cl
320 Côtes de provence 75 cl
341 Cavaillan VDT 75 cl
L389 Maîtres viticulteurs VDP 75 cl
L3802 Maître sommelier Cab. Sauvignon VDP 75 cl
36102 Château Lalande A Bordeaux C 75 cl
F 47030 Château Rivière en minervois
47013 Peyres nobles Corbières AOC 75 cl
46302 Côtes du Rhone 75 cl 12%
L3033 Domaine de Bouteilley 95 1ère côtes de Bord.
4611 Château de Sains Cels 75cl
47092 La croix Dourdenne A Fronton C 75 cl
34452 Moulin de Choisy A Buzet C 75 cl
36118 Château Carcanieux 1996 Cru Bourgeois
EPacked in boxes of 6 or 12
343B Cavaillan 25cl rouge
2630B Cavaillan 25cl rosé
263B Cavaillan 25cl blanc
Packed in boxes of 24
L3100 Mousseux Belle-Fleur 5% vol bout.bleue
L3100 Pol de Renier brut 75 cl
L1740 Blanc de blanc Touraine Méth.traditionnelle
29700 Champagne Tribaut Schloesser brut
Packed in boxes of 6
9101 Goiya Kgeisje Blanc 1996/97
Packed in boxes of 6
98001 Tierra Arena Pedro Jimenez Blanc 1997
98010 Tierra Arena Sauvignon Blanc
98015 Tierra Arena Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 Rouge
Packed in boxes of 6
80080 Grove Hill Sauvignon Blanc
81180 Grove Hill Chardonnay Blanc
85730 Grove Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Rouge
Packed in boxes of 6
407 B.I.B 10 litres VDT France Rouge
4070 B.I.B 5 litres VDP de l'Aude Rouge
4071 B.I.B 3 litres VDP Côtes de Gascogne blanc
40710 B.I.B 3 litres VDT France blanc
4072 B.I.B 3 litres VDP Var Rouge
40720 B.I.B 3 litres VDT France rouge
4073 B.I.B 3 litres VDP du Gard rosé
Packed in boxes of 4 or 6
Orvieto blanc
Chianti Celsus 75 cl
Chianti Celsus 1,5 litres bouteille paille
Packed in boxes of 6
Packed in boxes of 6
We can also quote for other wines and champagnes in line with your requirements.Please don't hesitate to ask us. We look forward to receiving your price requests.
We can let you have prices for the following products which are part of our own range :
72001 Scotch whisky Fabulous 3 years 40% vol 70 cl
700 Scotch whisky Mac Field 40% 3 years vol 70 cl
7600 Scotch whisky Gold Sun 3 years 40% vol 70 cl
750 Scotch whisky J, Davidson 3 years 40% vol 70 cl
 Scotch whisky J. Walker red label 40% vol 70 cl
764 Bourbon Kentucky 40% vol 70 cl
762 Canadian Whisky 40% 70 cl
442 Porto Owner's Tawny 20% vol 75cl
443 Porto Owner's Blanc 20% vol 75cl
453 Pineau des Charentes Paul Pesquier
450 Cherry je t'aime 14,5% vol 75 cl
880 Vermouth rouge Cantrini 15% vol 75 cl
881 Vermouth blanc Cantrini 15% vol 75 cl
2210 Molotoff orange vodka
2211 Molotoff melon vodka
2212 Molotoff peach vodka
2203 Molotoff vodka 37,5% Vol 70cl
9940 Pisang Sambala 18% vol 70 cl
1450 Gin Sparkling Life 37,5% vol 70 cl bout. Gordon
14 Gin Mac Field 40% vol 70cl bout.carrée
24 Armagnac marquis de Cantabron 40% vol 3 years 70 cl
530 Brandy de Breteuil 36% vol bout.satinée
723 Louis Philippe Spiritueux
45 Cognac Tanneur 40% vol 70 cl
2 Pastis provencal 40% vol 70 cl
K1 Koogai 16% vol 70 cl
27 Calvados Vieux Pierre 40% vol 70 cl
937 Pina colada Lumba 14,5% vol 70 cl
COL13 Amaretto del capo 25% vol 70 cl
90 Gin fizz 25% vol 70 cl
4881 Crème de banane 20% vol 50cl
4555 Fruits du Paradis 15% vol 75cl
640 Rhum Lacovia blanc 37,5% vol 70cl
3010 Tequila Pistoleros 38% vol 70cl
7 Crème de cassis Noyet 15% vol 70cl
106 Triple sec Ducadez 38% vol 70 cl
930 Mandarine Josephine 38% vol 70 cl
46007 Lime de Chrysale 40% vol 70 cl
961 Délice de Pêche 18% vol 50cl
705 C Scotch whisky Montlee 40% Vol 70cl canister
20 C E.D.V Poires 40% Vol 70cl canister
97 Liqueur de Poires 33% Vol 70cl
Packed in boxes of 6
We can also quote you other spirits, in line with your requirements. Please don't hesitate to ask us. We look forward to receiving your price requests.
Alcohol-free apéritifs
We can let you have prices for the following products which are part of our own range :
503 Funny bitter 0% vol
4000 Funny light 0% vol
485 Funny amaretto 0% vol
9600 Funny blue 0% vol
K10v Funny tropical 0% vol
99800 Funny pisang 0% vol
Packed in boxes of 6
F40000 Cocktail pre-mixed funny light
Packed in trays of 24
Belgian chocolate
We can let you have prices for the following products which are part of our own range :
261/265 100 G BARS (6 FLAVOURS) refill of 15   
267 100 G BARS(6 FLAVOURS) Display pack of 48   
FLAVOURS: Milk praline, white praline, hazlenut milk, fondant praline, orangette fondant , white milk
102/117 70 G STICKS (18 FLAVOURS) 24 X 1 flavour 6 displays 50 cartons
119 70 G STICKS (18 FLAVOURS) 72 X 6 flavours 1 display of 98 cartons
130 BOX 70 G STICKS (18 FLAVOURS) 720 pieces 1 box 4 box
FLAVOURS: Black orangette, red marine, blue marine, black cafe, pear/banana fruit cocktail, fruit cocktail, strawberry/raspberry/blackberry/bilberry, black vanilla, white praline, milk praline, black praline, manon, milk super nuts, black marzipan, sweet black, white, new crousty, new milk praline raisin, new milk praline orangette
80/84 50 G STICKS (5 FLAVOURS) 30 X 1 flavour 6 displays 50 cartons
85 50 G (5 FLAVOURS) 90 X 5 flavours 1 display 98 cartons
N.B : designed for the hotel and catering trades
We can offer fruit preserves of various varieties:
Fruits: apricot, pineapple, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrent, bilberry, four fruits,…
Packaging: 400 or 450 g. jars, 5 litre tub., 15, 25, or 28 g individual portions,...
Fruit content: 45 %, 50 %,...
We can also offer 35% fruit orange marmalade in 450g jars.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need honey, choco or Liège syrup, etc.
We can quote you for the following products:
French fries (Cut 9X9 mm, 12X12 mm, 14X14 mm)
Shoestring chips (Cut 6x6 mm)
"Steak" fries (Cut 10X18 mm)
"Crinkle cut" chips (Crinkle cut 11X11 mm)
Packaging: The chips are packed in boxes of 10X1KG or 4X2,5KGS
We can also quote for the following products:roast potatoes, sautéed potatoes, potato wedges, jacket wedges, croquettes, potato noisettes, duchesse potatoes, dauphinois potatoes, crispy potatoes
Of course we can quote you for any other specifications of these products, according to your requirements.
Poultry products
We can offer our varieties of frozen poultry products:
Fowls: Frozen boiling fowls ready to cook, with or without giblets, all graded A to B per 100 g,
Chickens: Whole chicken, with or without giblets, grade A or B per 100 g, all kinds of portions: giblets, thighs, rear quarter, wing, thigh and part of back, wing, ribs, double breast, single breast, breast fillet, sausage, MRM, frozen
Turkeys: Whole turkey, graded per 100 g, turkey parson's nose, all cuts: giblets (liver, heart, gizzard), wing, breast, shoulder meat, top of thigh medallion without skin/boned, wing, MRM, frozen
Quails, guinea fowl, etc., frozen
Packaging: 10 Kg cartons, other options available
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