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Alpine Coffee Roasters - Committed to Quality and Family
Meeting the Harrison family, owners and operators of Alpine Coffee Roasters, you instantly sense the nine-member partnership’s commitment to their craft— roasting only the finest premium coffee blends available. Alpine Coffee Roasters, family operated since 1995 in Bavarian-themed Leavenworth, Washington, has maintained the family’s dedication to their coffees’ integrity by using a method that capitalizes on the beans’ unique, inherent qualities: convection (hot-air) roasting. (Learn more: roasting page)
The decision to build a coffee roasting operation as a family was simple yet challenging. The simple part was creating a family business. Dale and Veronica Harrison, long-time farmers from just outside of Ephrata, Washington, raised their four children, Bill, Mike, Pat and Susan, in a close-knit, rural, family environment. The entire family was used to hard work and enjoyed being together. The tougher decision was what type of business the family could operate as a group. With all of the children married with the exception of Bill (the company Roastmaster,) it was critical to choose a business that everyone enjoyed and that could be passed through the family, generation to generation. After researching the coffee industry, looking at the options in both wholesaling and retailing, the Harrison clan created Alpine Coffee Roasters. The family maintains its original focus: roast and blend only the finest beans creating premium coffees that provide a taste experience that is unequaled in the marketplace.
What does the future hold for Alpine Coffee Roasters? With nine partners you may expect nine different answers but this team, this family seems to agree. "We want to be known as one of the best coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest. And we want a company we can hand down to future generations so they can experience the closeness and camaraderie that we have." If the past is any indication of the future, this family operation will grow and prosper for many years to come.
Roasting coffee is more than a job for the owners of Alpine Coffee Roasters — it is their passion. The Harrison family, owners of Alpine Coffee Roasters, prides itself on creating premium coffees that appeal to a wide range of tastes. The secret lies in two essential elements: the highest quality green coffee beans, and convection roasting each batch of beans precisely and consistently every time.
The Alpine Coffee roasting process begins by selecting the highest quality Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are larger and more complex in taste and aroma than less expensive Robusta beans. The green beans are shipped to Alpine Coffee from locations as close as Mexico and as far away as Indonesia. Varietals are then roasted alone or mixed with other beans to create blends, such as their popular Tumwater Mountain Gold.
The roasting process sets Alpine apart from many contemporary coffee roasting companies. Alpine operates a convection roaster, rather than the more conventional drum roaster.
Convection (hot-air) roasting ensures superior bean development, more efficient chaff separation, less blistered or fragmented beans, and increased consistency. The beans literally "fly" in a fluid bed of hot air, roasting each bean evenly with no scorching.
Convection roasting also provides the roaster exact control over each batch of coffee. Beans are "roasted to temperature," in hot air roasting, rather than "to color," as in drum roasting. When each batch of coffee is roasted to precisely the same temperature, roasters are better able to yield coffee batches that are consistent in color, flavor, undertones and aroma.
The Harrison family has a lifelong love of fine coffees and will settle for nothing less than perfection in each cup of coffee that they produce. Alpine Coffee Roasters is certain their coffee will bring pleasure to your cup. Experience one of Life’s Little Rewards!
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