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Casp 86 08010 Barcelona Spain
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 Altaquímica was founded in 1959 as a raw material distribution company for the pharmaceutical sector. Our company grew successful with hard work and good business management as regards both clients and suppliers and soon gained a solid reputation. Thanks to the growing trust placed in our firm, a new 5.500 sq. m. warehouse in Barcelona area was needed soon afterwards. In the coming years, Altaquímica moved into a new sector, that of ingredients and additives for the food industry, in which we have now consolidated our position.
Altaquímica has grown, over the years, adapting to the demands of themarket. We offer, at all times, a personalised service and an organisation thoroughly dedicated to providing:
A wide range of quality products at competitive prices.
Searches for products on the intemational markets to supply all kinds of fine chemicals and intermediate materials for the pharmaceutical industry and ingredients and additives for the food industry.
      · Fast delivery thanks to our large stocks and speedy processing of orders. Our product catalogue for the food industry includes an extensive list of ingredients and functional additives carefully selected with competitive prices. This catalogue is continually being up-dated to include newly-developed products.
We also provide our clients with the technical support necessary for the successful development of new products
In constant collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry
Altaquímica SA. supplies to the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry with more than 800 top-quality products, produced by internationally prestigious firms. Thanks to our e
 Important laboratories trust in our company and our capacity to respond to their needs. Their trust is living proof of Altaquímica´s professionalism.
Our catalog of nutraceuticals products is fruit of our experience in the pharmaceutical and food sectors.
This catalog is continually updated with new products, providing to our customers with opportunities to improve their products and exploit new innovations.
At Altaquímica, quality has been incorporated as a fundamental part of our daily business and all our processing complies with international ISO standards. For us, though, quality goes beyond these established standards, We believe in continual improvement as a means of guaranteeing our clients' trust and offer a top-quality service at all times, This calls for close collaboration with each and every customer; only if we know their exact needs we can provide a fast, efficient and flexible service, adjusting each delivery to their production demands; where and when they need it.
All this is possible thanks to our highly experienced staff who continually strive to provide a wider range of better services and products for our clients
xperience in this sector, since1959, we can fully satisfy all our clients' demands.
Tel: +34932656012 Fax: +34932657352
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