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No. 1 Dongda Road Qianying Town Xiuyan County Liaoning 114321 Anshan, China
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Anshan Dongda Food Co., Ltd. is a joint Venture , established in 2002, and located in Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province. The region is home to the biggest Pholiota Nameko raw material field in China. The main products of the company are canned pholiota nameko, shiitake, butter mushrooms, pleurotus ostreatus, boletus edulis, various mushrooms, strawberry, yellow peaches and other fruits. There are also all kinds of canned beans, vegetables and seashell food products.
We use the most advanced food product processing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. We pride ourselves in our adherence to high product quality and operating efficiency, and to strict production process standards. We offer rich, high quality natural resources, together with a management model that integrates planting, manufacturing, and sales together, with complete control measures and adherence to HACCP, ISO9001. All of these strengths permit our company to offer assurance of the high quality of our products. Furthermore, our products have achieved popularity and wide acceptance in Europe, Russia, USA, Japan and the Southeast Asian countries, where we have established long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our many clients around the world.
Based on our operational and organizational concept: quality guarantee and clients oriented. We hope to continue developing solid, mutually beneficial trade relations with overseas and domestic clients and customers around the world.
Tel: +86 (412) 7864888 Fax: +86 (412) 7864877
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