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Via Aldo Moro 3 27051 Cava Manara, Italy
- Ready Meals - Soups - Rice - Pastas -

 A new and cost-effective company specializing in the production of food specialities disguised as service-products

The market awards a prize to us
Antaar&s orginates from a group of food experts which have been working for many years in a consulting firm specializing in the study of new products. A great innovative ability has joined together with the utmost elasticity of the planning and the answer to the customers. Antaar&s specialized in the study and the production of dehydrated ready to serve foodstuffs in order to offer the highest results.
Our target
It is our intention to maintain the top level on the market either for our quality, or innovation or service to the customer in order to be the excellent partner for the companies searching for highly-qualified products.
The company development is the most obvious indication that what we are doing is effective indeed:
- after only 4 years from the opening of the new plant, we have now to double the production facilities
- in a firm market, our turnover is rapidly increasing of about 18% per year
- our products cover 14% of the Italian market (company¹s evaluation)
- last year we have developed 12 completely new products
A continuous research for the most interesting recipes regarding the dehydrated products
Our researchers are like the cooks in a luxury restaurant and they are always proposing something new: Italian typical dishes, regional specialities, special dishes from foreign cuisines, besides, of course, the most well-known dishes. Thanks to the use of first-quality dehydrated ingredients, we are able to offer genuine and tasty dishes from the original recipe without making use of some flavour enhancers as the monosodium glutamate: our aim is to search for the right ingredients for each single recipe in the world market.
For each customer his always excellent recipe
All our recipes are personalized, we prepare tailor made products for each customer according to his needs. The essential requirement is then the quality and the wholesomeness of the ingredients: the Antaar&s research is very flexible in order to adapt the recipes to the needs of each Country, brand and its place in the market.
The Antaar&s quality is a real one indeed To Antaar&s quality means:
- To be able to give each dish the real and original taste using genuine ingredients
- To make a severe selection of the suppliers; we impose each supplier to do 12 microbiological and chemical tests and the relevant controls on all the lots of products at OGM¹s risk.
- To carry out 7 automatic controls on the production line
- To choose two people working full time in a modern laboratory (100 for quality controls
- To maintain a steady standard
- To take great care of the service and the customer¹s needs
The Antaar&s quality is a "tested test"
We have passed the Food and Drug Administration inspection in order to be able to export to the U.S. We have obtained the ISO9002 certification from the Lloyds company in London, for our perseverance in the production process; since from the very beginning of our activity, we have been following the HACCP regulations in terms of hygiene and health; we are obtaining the BVQI certification for "OGM". We are moreover Kosher production certified. We have passed the "entrance examination" from our most demanding customers who pay great attention to the quality of the suppliers and of their products
Features of the products
Service-product: with a great deal of taste
Antaar&s wants to offer good products, for this very reason it places the tastiness of a dish as well as the easiness of use before the cooking time.
The genuine ingredients need some time in order to rehydrate and offer the highest results.
These products are always combined with the original recipes and have a very good acceptance
Each product has its own specific formulation originating from the traditional recipe which, at its turn, can be elaborated:
- in order to fit to the liking of each country: slight modifications make it suitable to the American or German or Chinese consumer
- to meet the needs of specific consumers. For example light and low in calories and fats products
- to offer competitive prices. Some markets do require highly-competitive prices. We are very skilled in combining an interesting price with a high-quality offering.
Antaar&s furthermore produces top-quality products: these are great specialities rich in the best available ingredients, having a genuine taste, without monosodium glutamate. They are actually studied and prepared with the utmost care of a great gourmet.
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