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Caykoy Antalya
- Olive Oil - Olives -
Founded in 2013, Rafaela Farms is located in Antalya city known as ‘pearl of Mediterranean’. With more than 2,000 trees of Turkish and Italian varietals we produce fruit for our extraordinarily evoo . In 2014, we planted 60 acres of new olive orchards, purchased an olive mill, and formed a partnership with a neighbor to begin milling a premium extra virgin olive oil under the Rafaela Farms Olive Oil brand name, another local company established in 2015. Today, we work with 13 local residents to run the company, including over 400 acres of olive trees ,some of them the old-time table olive orchards in town as well as our 21th century high density and medium density plantings. We are the farmer and miller for 14 olive varieties for premium extra virgin olive oil for the Rafaela Farms brand that we private label both here and overseas grown, milled and bottled in Antalya, Turkey. “The bottom line is quality without compromise.This is a commitment we feel is reflected in every bottle of our olive oil”
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Olives ofered by Antalya Olive Ranch on Thefoodworld
Olive Oil ofered by Antalya Olive Ranch on Thefoodworld
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