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Frazione Tre Rivi 87 12040 Monteu Roero, Italy
- Honey -


The Brezzo Family Business began immediately after Word War 2. Tre founders started by collecting, processing and marketing honey. The second generation, to which the present owners belong, has extended and diversifield the activity. So the company passed from the first multiflora and multiflora honey collections to the production of a wide and rich range of sweet and salt food specialities among which Italian honeys are, still today, the highest quality expression.
In the following pages we are presenting the whole our production. You will find the most authentic expression of our work and our care towards the fruits of the nature, towards the gastronomical tradition of our territory and of other excellent territories, towards our customers' needs. We kindly invite you to skim through our sweet and salt "Food Quality Ideas" to discover our last novelties.
The new food ideas that enrich and widen the offer of our 2008 catalogue are: sainfoin and sulla honey in the wide Italian honey selection; honey sweets, milk and honey sweets, honey and propolis sweets presented in the new packaging. The fruit concentrated syrups avaiable in three new tastes, the new digestive and relaxing infusions. In the gastronomicspecialities the most important novelties are: the flavours of the sea, with the new articles of anchovies, 5 new tastes of sauces,the Modena Balsamic Vinegar in the classic and aged version. the semolina pasta in six different kinds.
Our elevution has been inspired by our desire to promote high qualityproducts with a distinctive cultural connotation and with a time honoured background. In other words, we have constatly strived to stick both to nature and to the culinary traditions of Italian cusine.
To achieve all this, the firm has resorted to its wealth of experience and to the historic memory of its origins, but it has also developed a modern market-oriented mentality, wich is always ready to meet new demand in evolving tastes. Our business is based on a slim and flexible productive model that has got benefit from a recent and deep reorganization of the logistic and productive area. These transformations, together with the system of self-checked quality required by the HCCP method and with the process control of the products, that makes possible for us to follow all the productive process from the raw materials to the final postion of every single product in the shops, eneble us to better te safety of the manufacture process and to increase the quality and the reliability of our products.
Our philosophy on honey...
Brezzo considers beekeeping as a continuous process of constant improvement and research aiming at obtaining a wide range of high quality natural honeys. Our honeys come from wild flowers growing in unpolluted areas. Honey is then extracted by means of centrifugation. The following filtering and decanting and jar filling operations are important steps of the production cycle which is carried out naturally without resorting to thermal treatment. Thus we are able to enhance the chemical and organoleptic qualities of our honey and therefore maintain its natural beneficial properties.
Lovely dispenser ideal for serving the right dose of honey.
Available in two boxes, it may be a nice gift for informal occasions.
With this denomination we call a selection of four honeys of very high quality (Acacia, Rhododendron, Chestnut and Lime) chosen by the company’s founder Gervasio Brezzo for their characteristics. The packaging in the elegant wooden box is perfect for a gift.
Our "collezioni" are six delicious proposals contained in appealing containers, which can also turn into nice ideas for presents. They represent a real mini taste experience of honey and sugar-free biological compotes .(By law these cannot be named jams if they do not contain sugar) The ingredients are checked and guaranteed by the certifying body BIOAGRICERT.
They are 35g jars containing biological honey and sugar-free biological compote For both articles there are five available flavours (ten altogether). The ingredients are checked and guaranteed by the certifying body BIOAGRICERT. They are very special items meant for consumption at home or in hotels, tourist villages, sports centres etc. .
It is only produced in six tastes. Its quality and genuineness is controlled and certified by the certification agency BIOAGRICERT
Royal Mix
Mix of the four beehive products
It is a product with an high nourishing power, ideal complement in the diet of sports people who want to keep a good physical efficiency.
How to use: one coffee spoon at day.
Propopolis tincture obtained by maceration of propolis in ethylic alcohol
Propolis is obtained by substances of resinous and balsamic nature picked by bees and elaborated by them for antiseptic protection of the behive. For these properties propolis can be considered a natural antiseptic product for all first aid interventions either for internal use of for external applications.
How to use: (internal) 10-15 drops on a sugar lump in the morning (external) spread on the injured part with some cotton wool. Medium composition: resins and balsams 55%, waxes 30%, essential oils 10%, pollen 5%.
We produce Italian honey sweets in the following flavours: lime, eucalyptus, acacia and mountain honey. Some types of sweets combine honey and milk or honey and propolis.
Propolose are propolis based pastilles enriched with three different tastes, respectively honey, mint and blueberry. Packaged in little cans of 35 gr. They are presented in a desk exhibitor of 27 pieces, with pleasant and charming pastel coloured labels, available also in the “loose” version in a 1 Kg bag. 
A fantastic combination of acacia honey, dried and candied fruit, they are natural products with no preservatives. They are ideal for fruit salads, ice-cream, cakes and yoghurt or they can offer the opportunity of a sweet break you wish to share with someone.
These delicious creams are made from acacia honey, Italian almond and Piedmontese hazelnut pastes . Natural, nourishing and without preservatives or added fats, they are ideal for breakfast, sport activities,snacks and parties. They can be excellent additions to ice creams, desserts and cakes.
Ready for use zabajone-based creams, with the variant Marsala, orange, Moscato and hazelnuts, coffee and Amaretto, they are very versatile and useful. They can be used to season cakes, to fill cream puffs or used as they are at room temperature. If put in the freezer for a couple of hours they become very tasty soft ice-creams. Right also to enrich roast peaches (especially the halzenuts, coffee and amaretto cream). They can be also heated, in this case they will get a very foamy consistence.
As mentioned before in the introduction of our history and our activity, we have always paid attention at what has being happening around us.
From the innovations of the manufacturing processes to the changes of the consumers’ styles, to the experiments of new recipes and ingredients.
The confectionery section we are going to present you is part of this way of regarding the tradition and the change.
We called it “Sweet Flavours and the sweet presences…” because we wanted to combine the light breath, the sweet sound of the first part, that reminds lightness and freshness, with the round and full flavours of the other products that are part of it.
Beside the cookies and the cakes, typical of Langhe and Piedmont tradition, you can find the flavours of the assorted confectionery, the fresh and young fragrance of the “agrumini” and the classic taste of the “allegretti”.
This offer of sweet presences has been completed by the new fruit concentrated syrups, by the traditional sugar free bio compotes, by the fruit in syrup and finally by the jams with sugar.
A selection of products presented in attractive and practical packaging with combining of colours and graphic lines very modern and seducing.
In this section we are pleased to introduce to you our line of green tea and infusions from biological agriculture. The ingredients used are certified as biological and come from selected certified farms. The innovative features of the SWEET HERBS line are not only the ones concerning quality , but go as far as the introduction of a series of important functional innovations. The flavour protecting bag is sealed thermally in order to ensure the perfect preservation of flavour and taste of each component. The new thread sewing system has enabled us to eliminate the staple. The thread itself is made of biological cotton. The external box does not have a cellophane wrapping and has an innovative opening system which enables an easy opening and closing of the box.
Fruit jellies are one of the last novelties in the confectionery line. They are presented in two variants: fruit and honey jellies and sugar free fruit jellies, with a mixed assortment of peach, lemon, orange, apple and strawberry tastes. There are three kinds of external packages: bag, cube and case. Their visual gets back the aesthetics patterns of cookies, cakes and allegretti, ideally extending the connection among the different products.
They are one of the most important novelties of our production. Presented in elegant, slender glass containers, identified with colourful, coordinated labels, they are four agreeable preparations of mini fruits in alcoholic infusion (not too alcoholic). They are particularly suitable for cocktails, desserts or at parties. They are also ideal as gifts because of their attractive box.
Beside pure blueberry syrup we added: pure pomegranate syrup, pure blackcurrant juice and blueberry red nectar (nectar, not syrup, because there is water added to make its flavour sour less).
For their preparation we utilize concentrated syrup with a high fruit percent (90-100% except for red blueberry) and without allergens.
Called “Fruit Compotes” as they are sugar-free, they are made from different types of fruit coming from biological agriculture cultivations checked and certified by BIOAGRICERT, a biological productions checking body accredited by international regulations.
Ingredients: Fruit in concentrations of 70%, apple juice.
Our jams are all prepared with fresh fruit in compositions with 60 gr. in 100 gr. for orange and tangerine and with 120 gr. in 100 gr. for the others. They are a pleasant confirm of the catalogue and are ideally linked to the other sweet presences.
The fruit chosen for these preparations comes from the Roero sun-drenched hills (except for the small fruit from the Cuneo area) It is selected and hand prepared following time-honoured local traditions.
Besides the classical mushrooms (Boletus edulis and related ones) prepared both dry and in olive oil, we also have mixed mushrooms which include moss mushrooms, honey mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms, boletus edulis etc… We particulary recommend "Black Head" whole and chopped boletus.
Gastronomic specialities based on rabbit or white hen from Saluzzo (DOP). The careful selection of the meats (only the leaner and more noble parts of the animals are used), the vapour cooking that makes the meats very tender (just like a tuna), the adding of a vinaigrette obtained by the infusion of vegetables in honey vinegar and olive oil, make this preparation a speciality of absolute prestige. Ready to eat, they can be consumed either fried or warmish on a salad bed or such as they are.
TRUFFLE SPECIALITIES are a relevant article in the catalogue. They are prepared creams in jars of 80 gr., presented in elegant external cases. The assortment is completed by the classic truffle seasoning of 10 cl. And by the truffle flavoured honey. Truffle creams are ideal complements and seasoning for appetizers, main dishes and snacks.
These are simple but delicious classical recipes from Piedmont. Typical small peppers stuffed with tuna and anchovies or with capers and anchovies. The peppers are all selected individually and hand made. 
In this page we suggest two precious products coming from territories of excellence. The first ones are the Pantelleria capers, IGP product, that are presented in two different pieces, the medium and the mignon and also in the pâté version. Capers fruits in salt complete this selection.
Ideal for aperitifs, appetizers, snacks, seasoning.. We present the “Bella di Cerignola”, two versions of the “Ligurian Taggiasca” and two versions of seasoned olives, the tasty one with anchovies and aromatic herbs and the spicy one with anchovies and red pepper.
These vegetable preparations come from cultivations and the vegetable gardens situated on the Roero hills. They are accurately selected and processed according to local traditions and packed by hand.
The most of the sauces we are showing in this page belong to the old Piedmonts tradition. In particular the hot red sauce and the grapes “mostarda” (in Piedmont called cougna’).
In a “family” confection we present our delicacies, particularly recommended for appetizers, side dishes and snacks.
Please notice our “ciliegino” little tomatoes in sauce, our sour-sweet peppers from Carmagnola and our artichokes with stalk.
Here’s a new food idea: grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergines and artichokes in olive oil presented with olive oil. Excellent as snacks and as side dishes.
These are exquisite delicacies. They combine high quality domestic pork sausages with wild pig sausages preserved in olive oil, herbs and spices.
The meat is of top class quality and the preservatives used are in the quantities authorized by law. Of world renown, these products are particularly suitable as starters, snacks and, why not, also as second courses.
In this line we present cheeses prepared following both very simple traditional and modern recipes accounting for new trends and tastes.
In the traditional recipes, the cheeses are kept in infusions with olive oil, spices and herbs, while in the modern ones, the cheeses are in olive oil combined with slivers of truffle (tuber magnatum aestivum).
New food ideas seen as an ideal complement to hard and semi-hard cheeses. They are proposed in seven different preparations together with a sampling mix. Some of these preparations are strongly linked to their place of origin and are therefore typical products.
This is one of the most tasty and nice proposals of the catalogue. Presented combining three different kinds of vegetables they are perfect for picnics, snacks, aperitifs and more generally they can become an important help for people that do not want to miss the taste of a traditional dish even if they have a few time for cooking.
We called “flavours of the sea this” family of products that has been enriched by an article: the whole anchovies fished in the Adriatic sea and presented in two versions, with red pepper from Calabria and with parsley in pieces. These new products are an addiction to the other three versions of anchovy fillets: anchovies in green sauce, with truffle and in olive oil.
Cervia salt is the salt coming from the millenarian Cervia salt mine. It is an integral salt, produced and cropped following the traditional method of the Cervia Salt Mine Park.
It is not treated with additives in order to make it easy to scatter, it contains no chemical iodine added because it is naturally iodised. We present it in two versions, with medium-fine and medium-large granulations and in other two versions enriched with fresh aromatic herbs, perfect for fish and meat seasoning.
An absolute novelty in our gastronomic specialities is represented by our Modena Balsamic Vinegar, presented in two versions: the classic one and the aged one. In sale in two different bottles, our vinegar is prepared following the most traditional and approved standard of production. These two articles integrate and complete our vinegar selection, together with wine vinegars and honey vinegar.
Let's discover some delicious recipes using honey vinegar  
Honey vinegar is the oldest vinegar known to man: it was used by the ancient Egyptians many years before the vine was discovered. It has a pleasantly acidic taste, it is golden in colour, very fragrant, light and digestible and particularly rich in enzymes and mineral salts. Our honey vinegar combines the values of an ancient product with the quality and the care of a homemade product. We begin with a fine Bio acacia honey diluted in water and slowly fermented by balancing temperature and aeration. The vinegar is not pasteurised or chemically clarified, so the bacteria and enzymes present in the honey are not destroyed. This increases the availability of these elements in the product itself.
The product is slightly less acidic than a normal wine vinegar and it's more agreeable. It is excellent as a salad dressing, but it is suitable for vegetables, sauces, pickles, fruit salads, fish, rice and cheese salads. Diluted in water and served cold, it is a great thirst quencher.
Warning: Sometimes, after the bottle has been opened, the vinegar may become turbid. It is enough to filter it by means of an ordinary paper filter or of a cotton pad placed at the bottom of a funnel.
Our honey vinegar comes in two versions: a Biological one and a "Traditional" one. Our biological honey vinegar contains Bio honey certified by BIOAGRICERT, which is a control body of biological productions following international standards.
We produce our D.O.C. vinegars (from prestigious Roero and Langhe vines) with the same care placed in the selection of the main ingredients and with the same respect for tradition and craftsmanship. The vinegars are produced with an ancient method in barriques. After the acetification process, they are aged in oak barrels. This method gives the vinegar a very special flavour.
On the sandy hills of lower Piedmont, the ancient and refined art of vine growing has produced such high quality wines that they are now renowned all over the world. The Roero district has always been part of this world and its wines are its excellent and prestigious protagonists. We would like to bring to your attention among the proposals of the Brezzo Wine Cellar the Barbera d'Alba D.O.C., coming from the prestigious Langa vineyards.
Roero: It has a not very intense ruby red colour with slight garnet reflexes. It has a delicate ample fragrance with a pleasant fresh fruity taste. It is excellently matched with red meat and game.
Arneis: From the Arneis vine comes a pale straw yellow wine with a delicate fruit nose; it has a pleasantly fresh dry taste and it is very suitable for cold starters, white meat and fish. It makes an excellent aperitif, too.
Moscato: It is a sweet scented, appealing wine with a low alcoholic content. Not too sparkling, it is particularly suited to all desserts and it can also be appreciated by itself, if served cool.
Barbera d'Alba: a purple red wine, with a strong nose and an intense and fragrant blackberry and plum scent. Full bodied, but delicately aggressive. Excellent with simple country dishes as well as with prestigious ones such as game.
Fior di Miele (Honey Flower): Liqueur made from old "grappa" and honey. Endowed with a delicate nose and appealing taste, it has an average alcohol content.
We present two combinations. The former a series of sweet and sour vegetables and peppers, a rich selection of fruit in syrup. The latter includes a series of preparations in olive oil with stuffed small peppers, chopped mushrooms (boletus) and artichokes hearts. All these exciting products are suitable for presents and suitable at special events and parties.
The use of first quality fllours and the high concentration of eggs (38%), make our egg pasta a very unique product, with a delicious taste and very easy to cook: Tajarin Albesi. This is the most traditional and typical kind of pasta produced in Langhe territory. It perfectly completes our selection of egg pasta composed by: pappardelle, tagliolini and tagliatelle in different versions.
In order to exalt the quality of one of the most famous food all over the world, we thought to an handcraft kind of pasta, with an excellent cooking resistance, prepared following a traditional recipe with a basis of protein-rich durum wheat semolina, water, various ingredients – spinaches, turmeric, red chard, rosemary – without preservatives, food dyeses, allergens, OGM.
Presented in two formats, our semolina pasta selection is composed by six articles.
As evidence of the good reception these proposals have got towards you, we decided not only to confirm all the articles but to add a very particular novelty: the culatello sauce. Culatello sauce is prepared using the more noble part of the pork. This kind of sauce is particularly recommended to season Tajarin Albesi and the varietis of egg pasta.
The excellent protein-rich legumes we have chosen for you have been naturally dried. They fit perfectly modern taste trends and more traditional cooking habits.
Our legumes proposals have been enriched by Norcia Castelluccio IGP Lentils in bag.
JEAN BRUNET: "Paté" specialities and meat "terrines" 
"Tradition and innovation" is the motto of Jean Brunet, the owner of this firm situated in the High Pyrenees region. It is a 100-year -old firm specializing in the production of "paté" and meat "terrines". They are free from colouring agents and emulsifiers. Here we propose a wide range of choices and flavours.
It’s the most important novelty in the SWEET IMPORT LINE: paté de foie gras in jar or can from Strasbourg, the famous home of this prestigious product.
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