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Industriepark Sarab
- Fig Jam - Rose Petal Jam - Honey with Nuts - Honey -
I have a pleasure to introduce you, Asalrizan food industries focus on natural mountain honey(The main plants that are in that region is Astragalus) production//natural honey mixed with nuts such as: walnut, pistachios, peanut, dry fig in Retail package glass jars: 150 gr-5 Oz /280 gr-10 Oz/450 gr-16 Oz/850 gr-30 Oz/natural honey in tube packing for travelers, athletes/children and supply of different types of jams/date liquid sugar/natural date chocolate spread. With benefit of capable human resources, raw materials, machinery, special packaging, we try to give products to consumers with best quality and best price, and with its social responsibility in addition to the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders tribute. We can provide your company the products with your own label (artwork) and/or a private brand label for supply contracts of big quantities. If you interest to the products, we can send you analysis report and sample of honey. Thanks You can visit company website:
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