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Via Nastrucci, 16/A 29100 Piacenza, Italy
- Vegetables - Fruits - Tomato Products -
International Food Brokers since 1975
Asi Srl works for over 30 years worldwide in the sector of preserved fruit and vegetables (aseptic, canned and frozen). We mainly intermediate the sales and purchase of raw materials for industrial use, but without forgetting the finished products for catering or for retail (private label).
When requested by our client or exceptionally for some product, Asi imports or exports the goods itself and takes care of distribution.
Packaging for raw materials and second hand machinery for food processors are sectors we deal with every single day in order to give one more service to our customers.
What we call the ìAsi's Formulaî allows us to be continuously in touch with the production departments and with their pertinent problems; furthermore it allows us to be constantly and in advance informed about the real trends and demands of the market. Till now this has been particularly appreciated by our customers.
The majority of our turnover (about 70 milions Euro) is generated within Europe while the rest, a part for the Italian market, is generated with the South and North American market, Australia and Far East.
Our offices in Greece arelocated in Thessaloniki, the most important port of the Balcans and only a few km away from the Greek growing areas of peaches and other fruits. This strategic geografic position allow us to be always in touch not only with the Greek industry, but also with all the Balcanic countries which are growing rapidly in the food industry.
Scholle Liquid Packaging

is an American multinational producing flexible packaging and specialized in the bag in box business. Asi is the agent of Scholle for more than 25 years.

GoodpackÆ Limited owns and operates the world's largest fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).
GoodpackÆ IBC provides a returnable packaging solution through the renting or hiring of a multi modal, returnable IBC that is designed for packaging, transportation and storage of various solid, liquid and powder bulk cargo.

is a Dutch company producing paper dunnage bags which consist of a plastic inner bag with an inflation valve and multiple wrapping of Kraft paper. Dunnage bags are placed within the cargo and inflated with air to avoid that cargo can move during transportation and get damaged.


is a small but very efficient company founded in 1986 by technicians with a long experience in the preserved food industry and specially with a solid know how in aseptic technology.
The firm is located near Parma, in the heart of the "Food Valley", and is composed by a staff of qualified technicians that combining competence and creativity, can satisfy the needs of the most demanding Customers also with "tailor made" plants.

Used Equipment
A person of our staff is dealing full time with second hand machineries to provide a complete service to our customers.
Till now this service is very appreciated especially because second hand can be a good business if a reliable party provides the service of evaluation of the conditions of the machine and supervision of all the details such as loading, transportation, documentation etc...
Our machineries are available "as they are" or "revisioned and guaranteed", that stands for Asi Macchine Usate (Asi Used Machineries), is the website where you can find the uptodate list of our available second hand machineries and where you can subscribe our mailing list to receive in your mailbox our offers.
International Food Brokers since 1975
lavoriamo da oltre 30 anni in tutto il mondo nel settore della frutta e della verdura conservata (in asettico, in latta oppure surgelata/congelata) occupandoci principalmente di mediare gli scambi industriali di materie prime o semilavorati, ma senza trascurare il settore dei prodotti finiti per il catering o per il retail a marchio compratore (private label).
Su richiesta dei nostri clienti o per prodotti particolari, Asi si occupa anche dell'importazione / esportazione e della distribuzione.
imballaggi alimentari industriali e i macchinari di seconda mano per l'industria alimentare rappresentano altri settori di cui ci occupiamo quotidianamente con lo spirito di fornire un aiuto aggiuntivo ai nostri clienti.
Quella che noi chiamiamo la ìFormula Asiî ci permette di essere in continuo contatto non solo con i reparti di produzione, ma di conoscere in tempo reale, se non in anticipo, i trend e le richieste di mercato. Sino ad ora questo Ë stato particolarmente apprezzato dai nostri clienti.
Il fatturato generato dai nostri servizi Ë pari a circa 70 milioni di Euro/anno e per la maggior parte Ë generato in Europa mentre per la restante parte, oltre al mercato interno Italiano, un ruolo importante hanno i mercati del Nord e Sud America cosÃ
 come l'Australia e l'oriente.
Auf Kundenanfrage oder auch für bestimmte Produkte macht Asi auch Import/Export und Verteilung bzw. Distribution.
Auch mit Lebensmittelverpackungen und gebrauchten Maschinen für die Lebensmittelindustrie sind wir täglich beschäftigt um unseren Kunden einen zusätzlichen Service zu bieten.
Unser Büro ist in Piacenza, mitten im größten Tomatenbaugebiet Italiens. Unser Team besteht aus 15 Mitarbeitern, die zum einen professionell unsere Kunden in der Zertifizierung wie BRC, IFS, etc. unterstützen und zum anderen ausführliche Informationen über den Markt geben. Unsere Kunden werden in jeder Phase der Kontraktabwicklung - in der Qualitätsprüfung, beim Abruf, bei der Lieferung, in der Fakturierung bis hin zur Zahlung - mit optimalen Service begleitet.
Halbfabrikate für die Lebensmittelindustrie aber auch bei Endprodukten für Gross- und Einzelhandelshäusermit Käufer's Marke (Private Label) weltweit tätig.
Durch die sogenannte "Formel Asi" sind wir ständig mit Produktionsleuten in Kontakt und auch umgehend - oft auch im Voraus - über Tendenzen und Anfragen des Marktes informiert. Das schätzen unsere Kunden sehr.
Unser Umsatz beträgt ca. 70 Millionen Euro pro Jahr und wird hauptsächlich in Europa (mit Schwerpunkt Italien) aber auch in Nord- und Südamerika,sowie Australien und im Morgenland getätigt.
Tel: +390523576111 Fax: +390523570203
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