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2/115 Krishnarajapuram Main Road 628002 Tuticorin Tamilnadu India
- Herbal Tea - Spices - Senna Leaves - Senna -


Asixa Enterprises was established in 1975. Company is engaged in manufacturing and trading worldwide. It is a traditional indian herbal company, offering over 250 herbal products, including senna leaves, extracts and spices. The manufacturing base is located in heart of the city occupying an area of 20,000 square meters with build up area of more than 10,000 square feet. The company owns an efficient group including junior and senior technicians for processing. Our company has achieved a distinct reputation in the global market as a manufacturer and exporter of senna leaves and medicinal herbs.
     We are engaged in custom production services for production of various herbs and have developed wide contacts and established strong relationships with raw material suppliers who have guaranteed regular supply of good quality raw materials thereby meeting our specifications. Every herb cultivated in our farms dried thoroughly and packed under hygienic conditions fulfilling the requirements of several european & far eastern companies. Now there are above 10 managing personnel in the company, they all have years of good experience on production, operating and managing of herbal trade. In the meantime, we trade various rare and high quality herbal medicines between the far east and the west in order to satisfy our customers' needs and demands.
        The structure of our company is compact and well-knit. We have various departments which include productions, distributions, transportations, public relations and marketing. We are the leading herbal export company in india in large part because of our meticulous quality control system.
     For further development of the market, we look for general importers, wholesaler, distributors, agent and representative in various countries. More information about our company, associates and our products is available. We appreciate any opportunity to expand on business and welcome your valuable patronage.
We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the Manufacturers and Exporters of Cuttle fish Bones
We do collect Cuttle Fish Bones (Sepiaschale), Sun dry, Clean, Polish and Pack for Birds, Turtles, Hermit Crabs & Chinchillas.
We can offer in different sizes from 4" - 10" long according to your specifications. We can pack according to your specifications in Bulk or in Individual packing of 1 / 2 Bones in a Cardboard box or 1 - 6 Bones in a Plastic Bag with a Header card. 
The fillet of the Cuttle Fish is used as food by human. The Cuttlefish bones are thrown away as waste
 The Cuttlebones are hanged in Bird cages or kept in the tank of Turtle and it gives trace minerals to the pet. It is also used by the birds to trim their beak. It is also used as mineral diet for Hermit Crab and Chinchillas.
The broken pieces of Cuttle bones can be used for making Cuttlebone-toys for birds.
The Broken Pieces and Powder are packed for Feed / Pet Food ingredient
 These bones are light and look like surfboards. These are sometimes washed ashore. The bone of each species is so distinctive that experts can tell just from the bone what species of cuttlefish it belongs to! For ordinary people like us, we can at least estimate how large the animal was.
We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the largest exporters of sea shell from India. In addition to this, we deal in various other products like frozen seafoods, painted shells, cuttlefish bone, marine aquarium fish, valampuri shank, shell craft, operculums etc. The products offered by us are of the best quality as they are manufactured by using the most advanced tools & equipments. All our products are highly admired by all our clients in the quality cautious market.
Our products pass through various quality checks so as to ensure the quality prior to delivery. The products offered by us will surely add stars to the beauty of place where they are kept. Our products are highly popular in the handicraft industry and are widely used as gifts. We know the value of time and thus strive to deliver all our products within the stipulated time period & that too at pocket friendly prices.
Herbs & Roots
Botanical Name
 English Name & Common Name
1 ) abrus precatiorius
 wild liquorice, gundumani
2 ) acacia arabica
3 ) acacia concinna
 ritha, sheeyakay
4 ) acalypha indica
 indian acalpha
5 ) achyranthes aspera
 rough chaff tree
6 ) acorus calamus
 sweet flag, calamus
7 ) aconitum heterophyllum
 indian atees, ativisha
8 ) adhatoda vasica
 vasaka leaves
9 ) aegle marmelos
 bengal quine, bael fruit
10 ) aerva lanata
 wool plant, polpala
11 ) aloe littoralis
 small aloe, chirukattalai
12 ) albizzia lebbeck
 east indian walnut
We deal with the following spices:
 1. Black Pepper
 10. Clove
 19. Rose water
 2. Cardamon small, large
 11. Nutmeg
 20. Asafoetida
 3. Chilly
 12. Mace
 21. Tamarind
 4. Ginger
 13. Turmarlic
 22. Kalonji Nigella seed
 5. Coriander seed
 14. Celery
 23. Poppy seed
 6. Cumin Seed
 15. India Goosebeery
 24. Mint
 7. Fenner seed 16. Pomegranate seed
 25. Black mustard
 8. Fenugreek
 17. Star anise
 26. White mustard
 9. Garlic
 18. Cinnamon
 27. Sesame seed
   28. Holy seed
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