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Rodovia PR 323, Km 311 131 Umuarma, Parana Brazil
- Chicken Legs - Chicken Breast - Chicken Offals - Chicken Wings - Whole Chicken -
Averama. Quality and seriousness in what we do. A lot happens before Averama Chicken get on the table of our customers. Supporting it all, there is a hard working group to offer healthy and savory products, always with the best quality. The CBM group holds all the chicken production chain, including breeding houses, hatchery, chicken galpons, 2 slaughterhouses and feed mill. At Averama, numbers and processes show what we are. 4.000.000 birds are being raised in our chicken barns, and 100.000 birds are slaughtered every day, 9.000.000 eggs are kept in one of the biggest hatcheries of Latin America, equiped with high-tech-italian equipments. Beyond that, the company counts with a highly professional Quality Control Department, assuring the safety and a special taste to Averama goods. So, with caress, seriousness and good taste, Averama distributes its products in Brazil and to the whole world.
Tel: + 55 (44) 3621 - 6800 Fax: + 55 (44) 3621 - 6800
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