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Via Tripoli 81B 95021 Aci Castello/Sicily Italy
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -
The Spoto company is a recently-created family-run business that centres its activity and passion on olives and the production of Extra virgin Olive Oil. The main objective of the company is to search for quality and to produce carefully-selected olives (Nocellare Etnea variety) in order to offer high-quality Extra virgin Olive Oil, produced in limited quantities, to satisfy the consumers who demand excellence and authenticity from this ancient product, mainstay of the Mediterranean diet. The guarantee offered by the company is the transparency of the cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques used for the olives during production of Extra virgin Olive Oil. Every client can become familiar with the entire production cycle for Extra virgin Olive Oil by visiting the company during the month of November when the olives are harvested. Every year, after the harvest, the results of the analyses of the Extra virgin Olive Oil of that season are published on this Website. The olive groves of the company lie at about 400 metres above sea level, between the two rivers, Dittaino and Simeto, and the slopes of Mount Etna in the P.D.O. (protected designation of origin) territory, “Colline Ennesi” ("Hills of Enna"), near the town of Centuripe in the province of Enna, in the centre of Sicily. The P.D.O. (protected designation of origin) recognition ensures that the product can be traced back to the territory in which it originates and that it fulfils the high production requisites of Extra virgin Olive Oil, as laid down in the laws for the production regime. The results of a study carried out by the CNR (National Research Council) of Perugia have confirmed that the olive oil produced in the territory of Enna is of excellent quality, both because of a climate favourable to the growth, and because of the genetic heritage of the local olive trees. The territory of Centuripe has a history that goes back millennia, to the Neolithic age. It is one of the areas most suitable for olive production, a production that was introduced around 8000 BC. During the Roman period, Centuripe was the most flourishing centre of the province of Enna, and was described as one of the richest cities of Sicily by Cicero. Extra virgin Olive Oil is a ‘fruit-juice’ that is extracted by a simple physical-mechanical process, and that can be consumed directly without any need for further industrial processing. The peculiarity and quality of an Extra virgin Olive Oil depend on the delicacy with which all the various phases of production are carried out: the quality of Kénto Olive Oil (obtained exclusively from selected olives of the Nocellare Etnea variety) derives from the attention given to the cultivation of the olive-trees, the production environment and the methods of harvesting and pressing the olives. All the phases of production of Extra virgin Olive Oil Kénto are constantly monitored by specialists during the year, so that the olives are harvested at the best possible moment. The well ventilated environment and sunny exposure encourage a healthy ripening of the olives. The olive harvest (carried out strictly by hand) usually begins around the middle of October and continues all through November; the olives are pressed within twenty-four hours of picking. The extraction of the oil is done using the most modern technology accompanied by careful monitoring so that our Extra virgin Olive Oil can boast of a perfect harmony of typically Sicilian flavour and perfume. Our company aims to produce an Extra virgin Olive Oil respecting the production regime established for the P.D.O. (protected denomination of origin) "Colline ennesi" ("Hills Enna"), in order to achieve a high quality product. Through the traceability of the production cycle, we can offer our clients an extra certainty with regards to the quality of the olive oil produced, and the assurance that the phases of production of our oil can be followed in detail. On our Website (soon available at this page), our clients will be able to insert the code printed on the back label of each bottle or 5lt. can of Extra virgin Olive Oil and thus discover everything about the product; the period of the olive harvest, the place, harvest methods and storage of the olives, the press that extracted the oil, the date of bottling. For those who want an Extra virgin Olive Oil that is guaranteed and controlled at each phase of production and that has a balanced flavour and excellent nutritional values and health benefits, Extra virgin Olive Oil Kénto is the natural choice.
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