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Buslingthorpe Green Ind Estate, Meanwood LS7 2HG Leeds United Kingdom
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Bagel Nash is the United Kingdoms Premier Bagel Company. The Bagel Nash group incorporates a bakery division, which produces & exports Artisan gourmet bagels to over 20 countries around the globe, alongside a retail division that operates a growing chain of espresso & bagel bars. We are a family business and are totally committed to producing only the healthiest and freshest bakery products. The same principles apply to our retail stores that operate under the Eat Healthy motto. We are as much concerned about how our products taste and look, as we are about their nutritional value and wholesomeness. Our bakery range includes Bagels, Muffins, Brownies, Bagel Sticks and Pizza Bagel Melts for both Food Service and Retail customers. We use a long fermentation cycle and only natural ingredients with no preservatives or added fat or oils in our bagels and we are acredied to the highest BRC Global Standards.
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