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Box 177 683 24 Hagfors, Sweden
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 AB Aim
Our aim is to provide wholesalers and food industry with wild mushrooms, cultivated
mushrooms and mushroom-products with correct quality and correct price.
We are a flexible supplier of high quality products from the natureSelling mushrooms to us
We increase our purchase partners for mushrooms and we are looking for more
purchasers in Sweden.
To be our purchaser means that you buy mushrooms from pickers and then sell
to us.
For more information contact our officeAbout the company
BjörnMat International AB, a company from the province of Värmland in Sweden,
is specialized in purchasing, refining, packaging and selling of mushrooms.
Mainly we purchase mushrooms picked in Sweden and available on the market.
As the quantity and the assortment not is large enough on the Swedish market
we have suppliers in other countries.
From our network of selected partners from all over the world we purchase
fresh, frozen, dried and preserved mushrooms of many kinds. The suppliers
are certified according to HACCP and ISO 9002.
In several countries we have with our own employees good control
of the mushroom raw product from picking to ready-made product.
BjörnMat is owned and run by Thore Björn, who is Managing DirectorQuality-environment-marking
We mean that enterprising with durability and responsiability for us is competitive
and profitable. Our engagement is big to meet the demands in our branch.
BjörnMat has a well developed system for control our own company, marking,
EDJ and tracking. Separation at source is a natural part in our environmental
work and we are connected with REPA.
Our partners who deliver refined products to us are certified according to
HACCP ans ISO 9002.
Philosophy of quality
Everything that we do shall be performed in such way that our customers speak
well about BjörnMat and willingly comes back.
Philosophy of environment
BjörnMat shall by an active environmental work and with environment-conscious
employees work to promote a development that is positive for our environment.
Tel: + 46 563 270 33 Fax: +46 563 270 65
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