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Aromatic olive oil They say that one of the best secrets kept by the great chefs is the seasoning used on their dishes. Therefore Borges, in collaboration with Ferran Adrià, one of the most innovative and avant-garde cooks today, presents a new range of totally natural and original olive oil dressings (without essences, colouring or preservatives) with which you can enhance, harmonize and enrich the flavour of your favourite dishes every day.
Formats available: 200 cl
Borgefrit The Borgefrit, due to its quality-price ratio, is the most suitable for frying:
It has a fatty acid composition similar to that of olive oil (70-85%)
It has a high concentration of vitamin E
Frying at 180º, it remains unchanged 70% longer than normal sunflower oil, allowing it to be reused more times.
Formats available: 1 L / 5 L
Borgesol Sunflower seed oil is an edible oil obtained from plant's seeds. Some varieties contain up to 45% oil. The extraction of sunflower seed oil is carried out by pressing the seeds. It is the most used seed oil in the world and also, one spoonful (15 g) of Borgesol provides the daily recommended dose of vitamin E.
Formats available: 1 L / 2 L / 5 L
Extra virgin olive oil Extra virgin olive oil obtained from the mixture of the best varieties of olives. It is very smooth, balanced, pure and contributes to enhance the natural flavour of all dishes, hot and cold. Dress your dishes generously and enjoy the experience.
Formats available: 1 L / 2 L with handle / 5 L
Extra virgin olive oil Cesar Unique in flavour, quality and price.
César virgin olive oil is ideal for family consumption. César gives flavour to all raw foods and is ideal for cooking.
For this virgin olive oil, only mechanical procedures were used during the olive pressing, thus bestowing it with the Borges guarantee.
Formats available: 1 L / 5L
Extra Virgin Olive Oil El Coupage Ferran Adrià, one of the best chefs in the world, has selected the best varieties of olives to obtain this coupage, which he recommends especially to dress SALADS and VEGETABLES thanks to its deliciously smooth and balanced flavour.
Formats available: 1 L
Family reserve The Borges "FAMILY RESERVE" oil is obtained exclusively from ARBEQUINA OLIVES, typical and originally from the regions of Lleida and Tarragona. After being carefully picked by hand, directly from the tree (never off the ground), the olives are washed with water, drained on screens, transported in boxes (never in sacks), ground on the same day they are picked, and then subsequently pressed in the baskets they are deposited in. The richest, noblest and most aromatic part of olive oil is that obtained from the press without applying force: that which oozes through the olives and baskets only as a result of their own weight. 
Formats available: 500 cl
Grape seed oil Grape seed oil is a vegetable oil made from the vine pips (seeds), that is, from the grape. It is used mainly in the kitchen and its smooth flavour with fruity touches make it an ideal oil to use cold, especially to marinate meats and prepare vinaigrettes.
Formats available: 1 L
Organic oil The organic extra virgin olive oil is olive oil elevated to the maximum quality in all senses, both in the cultivation and in the careful preparation, a real gourmet delight for the most demanding of palates. This oil has many more qualities as it lacks chemical products. From a gastronomic point of view, its flavour enhances any cooking recipe. All the varieties of olives produce excellent organic olive oils, whenever the olives are in good condition, they have been grown according to organic agriculture conditions, they are ground the same day they have been collected and the oil is stored correctly.
Formats available: 500 cl
Refined Olive oil Olive oil is one of the pillars of the so called Mediterranean Diet. It is known throughout the Mediterranean basin, from time immemorial and there is evidence of its use in Egypt, Crete, ancient Greece, etc. This olive juice is considered as the healthiest fat due to its high contents in oleic acid. It is popularly known as "liquid gold" and according to a study, it also has rejuvenating properties.
Formats available: 1 L / 2 L / 5 L
Second pressing olive oil It is the mixture of second pressing olive oils and virgin or extra virgin olive oil. The Borges second pressing olive oil is of first quality, thanks to its low acidity and high content of Extra Virgin oil.
Formats available: 1 L / 5 L
Single-variety olive oils Arbequina: extra virgin olive oil obtained from the first pressing, 
made only with arbequina olives. Unblended. It has a very smooth,
slightly almond flavour, with touches of green apple and an aroma
that is reminiscent of the fresh, green smell of olives in their prime of maturity.
Picual: extra virgin olive oil obtained from the first pressing, 
made only with picual olives. Unblended. This is an audacious, intense oil 
with body, exquisitely bitter and with a marked personality.
Hojiblanca: Extra virgin olive oil obtained from the first pressing, 
made only with hojiblanca olives. Unblended. This is a fruity oil,
smooth but persistent, with an aroma that lingers on the palate and in the memory.
Formats available arbequina: 250 cl / 500 cl / 750 cl
Formats available other varieties: 750 cl
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