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Food Producers Exporters By Categories
Bread. Directory on Producers Exporters.The Food World
Breslaujos Str. 3b - 44403 Kaunas Lithuania
Tel: +370 37 456574 Fax: +370 37 456574
Crisp Bread  Crakers  Biscuits  Bread Croutons      
10 Plastics Ave, - Canada Toronto Canada
Tel: 416-255 0416 # 226 Fax: 416-255 9672
Fresh Bread  Spelt Flat Bread  Spelt Pizza Crust  Ginger Snap Cookies      
Vossenberg 2 - 3271 Zichem Belgium
Tel: +3213480501 Fax: +3213480501
Liege Waffle Iron  Brussels Waffle Maker  Belgian Waffle Maker  Waffles on a Stick Iron  Cast Iron Belgian Waffle Iron  Commercial use Waffle Maker  Commercial use Waffle Iron      
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