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Paratge Constantins s/N Bonmati
- Serrano Ham - Dry Cured Sausages - Cooked Meat Products -
We are a producer of high quality, dry-cured, cooked and sliced traditional Spanish meat and delicatessen products. Of the some 3000 meat producers in Spain, Casademont currently occupies a leading position in the top ten of these companies in both the domestic and export markets. Our products are sold over 60 countries in 5 continents. Also, we hold IFS, BRC Certification. Casademont has become the market leader in the production and sales of fuet dry sausages, a traditional Catalan Recipe that we have been producing for over 60 years. Casademont currently produces the most extensive range of fuets, including our very successful range of flavored fuets. Our Chorizo is also highly regarded both domestically and across the world. Furthermore, Casademont holds a significant competitive advantage with our Serrano Ham products due to our meticulous selection of the hams as well as our traditional drying process. Casademont Serrano ham is synonymous with quality and tradition. We are also accredited by the independent Serrano association “Consorcio”.
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