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Avenue de l'Oc�an 40500 Saint Sever, France
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Producer of foie gras, prepared meals and Landaise specialities since 1925, the Maison Castaing has seen its reputation grow, crossing borders into many different countries, whilst remaining loyal to its founding values: excellence, authenticity, quality, savoir-faire and traditional craft. A veritable ambassador of grand French cuisine, Maison Castaing distributes its foie gras and gastronomic products in France and exports throughout the world, to a prestigious clientele of hotels and restaurants, fine food stores, delicatessens and professional caterers; they share the common desire to provide their customers with the most authentic flavours from Les Landes.
Today, Landes and its neighbouring departments produce 70% of French foie gras. The climate here is favourable for the production of corn, which explains much of why this region is and was home to Maison Castaing, and to the small farms which surround it and perpetuate the traditional goose and duck fattening methods in extraordinarily propitious conditions.
Visit our show room and shop in PARIS (65 rue Pierre Demours - 75017 Paris) and discover our entire product range. 
Private customers, you will find our foies gras, Landaise specialities and delicatessen products at your butchers/delicatessen and in fine food stores; you can also call us to find out about your nearest stockist.
 The two key factors in determining the quality of a foie gras are the choice of raw materials, and the speed of preparation.
Foie gras at Castaing is handpicked by specific in-house quality criteria shortly after the geese and ducks reach the facility, is cooked, and is packaged in an extremely short timeframe.
The evisceration and production facilities we operate comply with the most stringent EEC, Asian, South American and Australian standards, and the leading-edge technology we use paired with careful hands-on supervision of each stage of product preparation guarantee the quality of our products remains consistently high.
Uncompromising hygiene rules and a largely manual production process are necessary conditions for the respect of this noble and traditionally-made product.
Traditional recipes for classic flavours and exclusive recipes developed with you. With our exceptional quality of ingredients, the flexibility of our work tool and our talented partner chefs, we can meet all your demands for the most personalised of recipes and offer products that are completely exclusive and which respect the original flavours of foie gras.
Despite an overriding trend towards relegating quality to a rung below production, at Maison Castaing we have chosen to offer our customers top quality products, regard to tradition.

We focused on traditional duck rearing in Les Landes, far removed from intensive industrial farming which is becoming increasingly common. For tasty raw or prepared products, you firstly need tasty ingredients of excellent quality; Maison Castaing belongs to the “Quality Landes” network and the “Foie Gras des Landes Label” association, setting itself the following rules:
Traditional breeding rules, as well as those of farm and label-certified production:
  • Breed: Mulard duck
  • Small-scale production: 250 to 500 ducks per producer, for a total of around 7000 ducks/year.
  • In Landes, on outdoor grass land, minimum 5 m2 per head; first days sheltered
  • 102 days minimum
  • Cereal-based diet.
  • In pans
  • Diet is whole grain corn exclusively from the French Southwest
  • By hand for 28 to 30 meals, with no prophylactic or veterinary treatments.
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