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13 Rakitnaya St 355000 Stavropol Russia
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The “Cheeseberry” cheesecake company functions in the confectionnery market more than 3 years. Production was started in 2006 based on American technologies. For two years we have supplied restaurants and cafes in Stavropol and its region with tasty and healthy desserts. In 2008 a decision was taken to expand a market of cheesecake “Cheeseberry” to the country level. It was done after consultations with the following companies: "The Dessert Fantasy", "Marr Russija", "East-West" and other importers of desserts to Russia. In order to achieve this aim the company re-equipped the production, changed the industrial cycle and the resulted in the high-quality and tasty dessert – cheesecake “Cheeseberry”. The company’s market scope – the territory of the Russian Federation. Production Nowadays cheesecake’s popularity is growing on the Russian market. Cheesecake is a pie made of soft sweet cream cheese on the crispy crust that has very delicate taste. The basic cheesecake’s component is cream cheese. There is a great variety of cheesecake’s flavor variations such as chocolate, various fruit jams and fresh fruit. Sometimes even carrot and pumpkin can be used. Some western brands (Lawler’s, Sweet Street Desserts, Delidor, Love and Quiches and others) have introduced their deserts to the Russian market long time ago. Just because of it Russian consumer knows cheesecake. Needs to be noted that cheesecakes made overseas besides being welcomed for obvious merits, also show essential demerit that is unreasonably high price. For quite a long time Russian manufacturers tried to produce a product which would be of low price but still conform to the same quality of the international standards. This was a very difficult task since cheesecake’s main component – cream cheese is very expensive and any other substitutes lead to the loss of flavor properties and qualities. “Cheeseberry” company following American technology produces its own cream cheese for the cheesecakes (at present it is EXCLUSSIVE in Russia). These cheesecakes fully conform in quality to the overseas pies. In our production we referrer to the quality, taste and consistence of the foreign analogues. “Cheeseberry” cheesecakes are produced in various flavor variations and in such assortment that can fully satisfy any consumer. Good combination of correct production organization and attraction of the best technologists entailed our product’s uniqueness compiled of a delicate taste of real cheesecake and surprisingly attractive price.
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