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Struga Str 9000 Varna Bulgaria
- Maraschino Cherries - Cocktail Cherries - Glace Cherries -
Our company is a manufacturer of cherry products in Bulgaria, with highest quality and very compatitive prices. Our company - Cherries Group Ltd. specializes in the production of cocktail cherries, maraschino cherries and glace cherries in different colors , with stems and without stems. Cherries Group Ltd. is Bulgarian company , continuing long traditions in the processing of fruits and vegetables since the early 90s., working with Metro Cash and Carry, Bulgaria . The Cherries Group Ltd. manufacturing facilities, raw products origin and finish product processing conform to the Food Act ( promulgated in State Gazette N 90/ 1999 ) and meets the requiremets of Regulations ( European Union ) 852/2004 . The production processing is certified to ISO 22000:5000 standards . The Company has in place a HACCP program encompassing all aspects of the manufacturing process. This program includes a traceability program. The program also includes Good manufacturing practice (GMP) . We are currently producing and exporting in Europe, Asia and Africa .
Tel: 00359884260226 Fax: 0035952638928
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