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1313 - 1 St. Se Calgary, Ab, Canada
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"The key thing is to start with a great product," says Bernard Callebaut.
And that's exactly what he did, with four generations of experience and exceptional technical knowledge (Bernard would call it "know-how"), behind him.
It's been almost twenty-five years since Bernard packed his chocolate makers hat and came to Canada, and he hasn't looked back since. Today the company operates twenty-eight stores in Canada, four in the United States and has distribution channels within Japan. In Calgary alone Bernard boasts nine stores. The flagship store, factory and corporate headquarters is on Macleod Trail in Calgary, one of the cities oldest and busiest streets.
Bernard is a bit like Macleod Trail himself, very busy, very popular, and VERY Calgarian. The city has adopted him as one of their own and he couldn't be more proud.
Bernard has handcrafted more than a thousand kinds of chocolate delicacies and is continually creating more. At any one time we offer 48, each one a culinary marvel. Select your own assortment, or let us do it for you.
Choose from our classic Presentation Box, our Copper Ballotin — a deep-sided, distinctly European box, or a box of Bernard Callebaut Truffles.
Ballotin Box
Choose this traditional European copper foil box in several sizes from 15 chocolates (an Intimate Treat) to 65 chocolates (a Friends and Family Celebration). Each size of Bernard’s selection includes an assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolates with fruit, nut and ganache fillings. There is no better way to treat yourself and friends to a range of delightful Bernard Callebaut chocolates!
Presentation Box
When a special occasion calls for making a special impression, choose the Bernard Callebaut Presentation Box - a visually stunning array of delectable milk, white and dark chocolates with fruit, nut, ganache, fresh and butter cream fillings. Choose one of two sizes: 50 of Bernard’s creations (450 g) or 100 (900 g).
Our chocolate truffles are hand-rolled round chocolate balls dusted with cocoa powder or nuts and share the name with the original mushroom truffles only because they look the same (and are as much of a delicacy!). Truffles were traditionally hunted in European oak forests with trained pigs but now dogs are used because they don’t try to eat the truffles. Be careful who you send out for these. (230 g)
Bernard creates his baking ingredients from the same exquisite chocolate he uses to craft his award-winning delicacies. Bake up a storm with Bernard Callebaut chocolate baking bars, chocolate drops, chocolate shavings, or cocoa powder.
Try one of these baking recipes from Bernard’s kitchen, and you better have photocopies of your recipe on hand, because everyone will be asking for it. 
Chocolate Drops
Inspired by a baking adventure from our recipe section, or trying to do justice to your mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe? Versatile Bernard Callebaut chocolate drops will transform your recipe with a choice of bittersweet, milk, white or semi-sweet chocolate (and they make a wonderful mini-chocolate moment too!) Baking will never be the same. (283 g)
Couverture Baking Bar
Bernard Callebaut baking chocolate will transform your recipe with a choice of bittersweet, milk, white or semi-sweet chocolate. Baking will never be the same. (454 g)
Large Baking Bar
Bernard Callebaut baking chocolate will transform your recipe with a choice of bittersweet, milk, white or semi-sweet chocolate. Baking will never be the same. Be careful who sees such a prodigious quantity of Bernard Callebaut chocolate in one piece… (2.5 kg)
Chocolate Shavings
Whether you are baking your favourite recipe (or trying one of ours), or making a rich cup of hot chocolate for friends, Bernard Callebaut chocolate shavings in your choice of milk, semi-sweet or mint chocolate will make a heavenly hot drink… Bernard’s hot chocolate recipe included! (200 g)
Cocoa Powder
Your recipe calls for cocoa powder, and you are determined that only the best ingredients will do… (500 g)
The addition of Bernard Callebaut chocolate to your favourite food makes a conspicuous difference. Suddenly it’s not just delicious, it’s heavenly. That’s because Bernard Callebaut chocolate is exactly that: the same exquisite chocolate Bernard uses to craft his award-winning delicacies.
Hazelnut Sauce
For over 4,500 years the hazelnut has been a source of food, medicine and tonic for peoples around the world. Bernard has added sugar, hazelnuts and vanilla to create a treat for snacking or fine baking. (300 g)
Chocolate Sauce
Semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla, and more... that’s what Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Sauce is made of (chocoholics beware!). Try it on desserts, ice cream, eat it with a spoon – what isn’t better with chocolate sauce? (300 g)
Karamel Sauce
Nothing we tell you about this sauce could be more eloquent than the ingredients: sugar, organic milk and cream, organic butter, milk chocolate, vanilla, and more... What can you put it on? Start with apple pie, and continue from there! (300 g)
Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds
Start with a perfect almond, dip in velvet milk chocolate, slowly cool to lock in the pure flavor, dust in cocoa powder… It’s a shame to eat it... almost. (150 g)
Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans
For a mature audience, a dark and mysterious marriage of the old world and the new – selected Columbian coffee beans in pure semi-sweet chocolate, dusted in cocoa powder, directed by Bernard Callebaut, rated PG13. (150 g)
Milk Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts
One of the “five sacred nourishments” of ancient China and medicine of the ancient Greeks, the organic hazelnut center of this Bernard Callebaut milk chocolate treat (dusted in cocoa powder) will nourish your palate, and your friendships! (150 g)
Milk Chocolate Coated Pretzels
Famous love affairs: Montague and Capulet, Napoleon & Josephine, and now, Bernard Callebaut chocolate and Pretzels… you can’t have one without the other! (300 g)
Chocolate Covered Biscuits
Also known as coffee cookies on this side of the pond (you say biscuit tin, I say cookie jar), by any other name they still taste as sweet! Made with pure Bernard Callebaut milk chocolate, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, cinnamon… and more. (100 g)
Coffee - Bernard Callebaut Special Roast
A stimulating bean discovered in Ethiopia in the first millennium was later cultivated by the Arabs before spreading around the world. Bernard found a blend of coffee beans with the perfect provenance for his recipes, and now you can take it home as ground or whole bean to enjoy in a quiet moment or share with friends… freshly custom roasted for Bernard in Calgary. (227 g)
Half Dipped Organic Biscotti
Originally invented by passionate Italians for dipping in wine, our Biscotti (baked in Italy the Italian way) are a sophisticated treat with coffee or hot chocolate… thick, crunchy, not too sweet, and very European. Half dipped in dark Bernard Callebaut chocolate, and made with almonds, eggs, butter, honey, sea salt, vanilla… and more. (100 g)
Chocolate Shavings
Whether you are baking your favourite recipe (or trying one of ours), or making a rich cup of hot chocolate for friends, Bernard Callebaut chocolate shavings in your choice of milk, semi-sweet or mint chocolate will make a heavenly hot drink… Bernard’s hot chocolate recipe included! (200 g)
Nut Nibbles
Make a chocolate moment out of a nutritious snack with the concentrated taste and energy of fresh nuts: organic almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. Your choice of Bernard Callebaut milk or semi-sweet chocolate. (150 g)
Almond Bark
Explorers ate them while traveling the "Silk Road" between Asia and the Mediterranean. The Romans showered newlyweds with almonds as a fertility charm. Bernard has now added organic almonds to pure Bernard Callebaut white chocolate for an exotic taste with a hint of history. (150 g)
Chocolate Covered Orange Peel
Before the first taste, the smell of the peel sets the stage for your experience of an orange: complex, rich, subtle and concentrated. Dipped in Bernard Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate, our candied organic orange sticks evoke flavours of the fabled spice routes. Made with orange zest, organic wheat syrup, organic concentrated lemon juice, and more... (100 g)
Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger (approx. 16)
The natural ginger of ancient Asia and the dark chocolate of the new world combine in Bernard’s melting pot to create a cosmopolitan delight to intrigue your taste for adventure... with a hint of exotic history. (150 g, approx. 16)
Chocolate Bars
Mathematicians have a proof for the minimum number of steps it takes to break a chocolate bar into its individual pieces. We admire their focus and self-control, and offer you a choice of eight different premium Bernard Callebaut chocolate bars to help you concentrate on this problem. Share with friends if you get stuck. (56 g)
Bittersweet Chocolate Wafers
Delicate bite-sized wafers of bittersweet Bernard Callebaut chocolate make a light treat to share with friends and family or to cleanse your palette after a meal. (approx. 150 g, 60 pieces)
Bernard is an artist gifted in the European tradition of using molds to create chocolates in fanciful shapes. His molded novelties - available only in our stores - include cats, bears, bunnies, turkeys, apples, Santas, snowmen, yule logs, letters, numbers, zodiac signs, cornucopias, tennis rackets, and soccer balls. Some are made of dark chocolate. Others are milk chocolate. A few are white chocolate. Many are a combination.
All pose the same dilemma: they're so charming you want to admire them, but they're so delicious you can't resist eating them for long.
Chocolate Heart
The first date or a 50th anniversary -- no matter how busy your days, never forget to let lovers, family or friends know how special they are. Help them get the message with Bernard Callebaut’s chocolate heart, filled with an assortment of 12, 20 or 45 individual chocolates. Made for sharing.
Chocolate Letters
Whether of pure milk or dark Bernard Callebaut chocolate, a personalized selection of one or more letters always spells Special to a lucky someone. Pick A for Andrew, Z for Zoe, or look at our numbers -- 1+6 for Sweet 16… (100 g)
Chocolate Numbers
Whether of pure milk or dark Bernard Callebaut chocolate, a personalized selection of one or more numbers always adds up for a lucky someone. Pick 1+6 for Sweet 16, or look at our letters -- A for Andrew, Z for Zoe,… (47 g)
Chocolate Egg (filled with chocolates)
When most North Americans celebrate Easter, their festivities include the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs, originally symbolizing the bounty of spring to ancient pagans. Share the bounty of a Bernard Callebaut chocolate Easter Egg, filled with Bernard’s selection of 12, 20, 35, 45 or 58 individual chocolates.
Chocolate Yule Log
The Yule log is part of an ancient European ritual of saving splinters from the Yule hearth to light the next year’s Yule log. Christmas isn’t Christmas without friends, sharing and special treats, and Bernard’s Chocolate Yule Log is only available for Christmas, in your choice of pure milk or semi-sweet chocolate shells filled with Bernard’s selection of individual chocolates (16, 24 or 35).
Fruit of the gods
Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which grow on trees. The cocoa tree’s scientific name is theobroma cacao, meaning “fruit of the gods.” Cocoa trees originated in the Amazon basin. In the wild, they grow to 50 feet in the shade of towering 200-foot hardwoods.
The Aztecs and Mayans of Central and South America began cultivating cocoa trees 2,000 years ago. They made a ceremonial beverage by mixing crushed cocoa beans with water, then spicing it with vanilla or chili peppers.
Cocoa beans were so sacred to the Mayans that they carved images of cocoa pods on their stone temple walls. The Aztecs called their prized cocoa-bean libation “chocolatl.”
The Spanish Introduce Europe to Chocolate
Spanish invaders learned about cocoa from the Aztecs in the 1500s and brought it to Europe. Spanish royalty drank it hot, flavored with sugar and honey.
Chocolate slowly spread among European royal courts. By the 17th century it was widely enjoyed by the wealthy but remained too expensive for commoners.
Chocolate production became easier and faster once the steam engine was invented. By 1730, chocolate was affordable to most Europeans. North America’s first chocolate factory opened in the U.S. in 1756.
Chocolate Production Enters the Industrial Age
The invention of the cocoa press in 1828 greatly improved the quality of chocolate. The first chocolate bars were created in 1847 in England. Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland in 1876.
Though chocolate was popular with Europeans, chocolate production in the U.S. rapidly eclipsed that in Europe.
During World War II, the U.S. government supplied its overseas forces with chocolate. The first astronauts ate chocolate en route to the moon. Today, children across the U.S. eat chocolate breakfast cereals, and the U.S. Army’s M.R.E.’s (Meals Ready to Eat) include chocolate bars.
But chocolate is greatly appreciated the world over and consumed in vast quantities. That’s yet another reason why devastation of tropical forests is of grave concern. Cocoa trees thrive in the shade of towering, equatorial rainforests.
While rainforests dwindle and the demand for chocolate increases, scientists are seeking new ways to better manage cocoa farms and preserve the environment.
Healthy Indulgence
Eating chocolate helps prevent heart disease? Ward off diabetes? Reduce the risk of stroke? Yes, according to recent studies.
But it must be dark chocolate, which is high in flavonoids, the natural compounds in cocoa beans that give some chocolate a bittersweet taste.
Milk chocolate contains fewer flavonoids because it’s diluted with milk. It also contains more sugar. White chocolate contains no chocolate liquor and therefore no flavonoids.
Flavonoids impart colour to fruits, vegetables and herbs. They’re also found in legumes, nuts and grains. Dark chocolate, however, contains more flavonoids than any other food, including blueberries.
For optimal health benefits, eat dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa solids (cocoa mass). We’re happy to report that Bernard Callebaut dark chocolate contains at least 87% cocoa solids. A votre santé!
Whether planning an elegant gala or preparing luxurious treats for yourself and your family, you'll want to do it the Bernard Callebaut way.
Bernard Callebaut is internationally recognized for producing the best chocolate in Canada and throughout the world.
Order online or pick up some decadent assorted chocolates at a retail location near you. Serve your own homemade Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Mousse or Chocolate Fantasy Cookies from the recipes page.
Bernard has no secrets about his methods and is willing to share with all chocolate lovers. "The key is in the quality of ingredients," he says. "We use only fresh butter, cream, and whipped cream and good quality chocolate. We do not use vegetable oils, animal fats, or artificial additives." It's everyone's favorite food.
The Significance of Holidays
Holidays are cultural rituals. Humans have celebrated rituals since we first huddled together in caves.
The hunters dragged home a mammoth? We celebrated. Time for a newborn to be named and inducted into the clan? We celebrated. The search for a larger, more spacious cave was successful? We celebrated. And each time, we followed the celebratory customs handed down to us by our forebears.
The purpose of ritual is to teach, reinforce and revel in the shared values and beliefs of a society. The benefits of ritual are numerous. We acknowledge our commonality, thereby strengthening our bonds. We elucidate our place in the greater scheme, instilling in each of us a sense of security and purpose. And we simply let loose, blow off steam, rejoice, briefly casting aside our burdens and transcending our mortality.
So celebrating rituals is good for everyone, individuals as well as groups. And chocolate—giving it, sharing it, relishing it—has long been customary in many rituals around the world.
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