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For over 180 years the companies of the Colussi Group Entreprises have been bringing to the tables of consumers all over the world products which originate from the real Italian Tradition. Italy's rich history and antique customs behold a panorama of gastronomic delicacies which have been passed down from generation to generation.
Today these food traditions are envied all over the world. The Mediterranean cuisine is regarded as one of the finest, offering tastiness, goodness and simplicity which guarantee at the same time a healthy diet. Italian cuisine offers a wide variety of ingredients and foods which can be used in a multitude of different combinations. Here are a few examples: 
Balsamic Vinegar:
this famous Italian product with antique origins, produced in Modena, is continuing its' success around the world thanks to its' remarkable and 
unique flavour which is a perfect garnish for every dish.
Olive Oil:
a wide choice of Extra Virgin Olive oils produced with the characteristic 
olives from the various regions of Italy.
Vercelli Rice:
rice cultivated in an ideal environment which lends itself to the 
preparation of the famous Italian Risotto.
biscuits from Tuscany, made with almonds, a gourmand speciality 
especially during the festive season.
Venetian Baicoli:
a speciality wafer biscuit which originates from the Italian City of Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. 
And last, but not least, Italian pasta. This national dish has become one of Italy's most important gastronomic mascots around the world. Golden in colour and distinctive in taste, this unique product offers the maximum variety; hundreds of different shapes accompanied by hundreds of different sauces. 
Pasta Agnesi, which is produced in the Italian region of Liguria, is a company of the Colussi Group Enterprises which has been producing a pasta of excellence for more than 170 years. The finest varieties of durum wheat are selected, milled and then used to produce Pasta Agnesi, for example the Kronos  variety, harvested in Arizona USA, which is particularly rich in nutritional value.

The Colussi Group, a market leader, with its' culinary passion, has always offered unique products appreciated by consumers both in Italy and all over the world.
The companies of the group are proudly committed to Italy's history and traditions, carefully choosing top quality ingredients and manufacturing according to the most modern working processes. This guarantees and ensures the genuineness and authenticity of the products

The Colussi Group, is made up of a series of companies which produce and market specialised foods and delicatessen products. 

ITALIAN: pasta, rice and bakery products, Sienniese and Tuscan cake....
The brand of the Colussi Group:
Colussi, Agnesi 1824, Misura, Sapori, Festaiola, Riso Flora, Riso Gariboldi
, with its main headquarters in Italy and sudsidiaries in the USA. Great Britain, Japan, France, and partnership in Poland and Russia

The group's Mission is to maximise the satisfaction of customer needs' conferring to them at the same time the Italian culinary passion. 

A competitive advantages and an international presence co-ordinated to satisfy the needs of all commercial partners.
The product portfolio is continually being developed and researched so as to maximise quality, in respect of the Italian traditions, this is one of the reasons why our products are so appreciated all over the world.
We work fast and with efficiency.
The Colussi Group is committed to developing long lasting commercial partnerships which ensure profitability for the future.
Quality is an intrinsic value of the Colussi Group Enterprises philosophy.
The Group's products are tested everyday according to meticulous controls which cover the entire production process. This attention to details, from the raw materials to the finished goods, ensure that the Colussi Group is able to offer genuine and healthy products to its' consumers.
The Group’s Certified quality system is based on procedures which are continually being improved so as to guarantee ever improving product standards.
The constant research for quality allows us to place the maximum trust in the safety of our products.

The implementation of the procedures guarantees hygiene and quality whilst
capturing, at the same, time all the flavours of the best Mediterranean traditions.
An absolute requisite, is the choice of the finest raw materials which leads us to search world wide for the best ingredients, with the  careful selection of suppliers and rigorous controls on the raw materials. An example of our safety measures is the commitment of the Colussi Group to the non-use of Genetically Modified Foods (GMFs) in any of its products.

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