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No.74 Lunxun Road 116001 Dalian China
- Wild Vegetables - Grains - Canned Food - Nuts - Mushrooms -

Gaishi Group , a joint-venture with investment in Canada , Japan and China , specializes in the processing , production , export and trade of edible mushrooms , wild herbs and agricultural products . It was originally established as Dalian Green Foods Co ., Ltd . in 1994 . Through decades of development , the group has earned a prominent reputation overseas , port advantage , and experience in production and development . Under the group are Dalian Gaishi Food Co ., Ltd . and Chengdu Gaishi Food Co ., Ltd .

  Covering 25,000 sq.m. in the northeast China , the company of Dalian Gaishi Food Co ., Ltd . has a 15,000 sq.m. factory . This advanced facility has advanced lines for frozen and boiled products and a range of workshops for dried-food , salted-food , frozen-food , boiled-food and a cold storage warehouse which withholds an annual capacity of 6,000 tons totally . The workshops are established wholesomely in accordance with related hygienic standards , independent channels for logistics and employees , air showers , disinfection equipments , complete import line , as well as hi-tech impurity detectors such as metal detectors and X-ray machines . In addition , the company already passed the certification of ISO9001:2000HACCP and KOSHER .
  Chengdu Gaishi Food Co ., Ltd . is located in southwest China , where it produces rich , wild mushrooms and planted ,edible mushrooms . In addition to advantages in resource, water and labor , the company employs a rational business perspective in the combination of farming and business to control product quality . Covering a land of 10,000 sq.m. , the company specializes in frozen and boiled food , and has workshops of 4,000sq.m. , IQF Equipments (Individual Quick Freezing Equipments) , cleaners , sterilizers , boilers , metal detectors , and auto packagers , etc . In addition , the company has passed the certification of HACCP.   
  With a resolute indeology of "pacifically-oriented , sincere business" and principles of "satisfaction , innovation , promise , practicality" , Gaishi Group will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and the best service . We genuinely hope for your cooperation for a mutually brilliant future . Gaishi Spirit
  Honest , Diligent , Innovative , Harmonious
  Staff Spirit
  Hard exploitation , Self-development
  Kind , Devotional , Adventurous
  Cooperation , Improvement , Innovation
  Do our best to solve problems that you unsatisfied with
  All staff shall fight against the behavior threatening corporate benefit . 
  Regard difficulty as a test we must conquer.
  Cooperation prior to counterwork is the foundation of our success
  Do not keep eyes on your demerits, but other 's merits . 
  Quality Policy
  To provide customers with safe and ensured products.
  Quality Goal 
  1. 100% complaint response to eliminate the dissatisfaction.
  2. Less than eight complaints annually.
  3. 100% pass in experimental procedures 
  Communication & Improvement 
Gaishi always pays attention to working environment . After all , it is the collective work of the staff that decides on the final product . We find that a harmonious working atmosphere can stimulate one's enthusiasm to work and improve his/her performance . Therefore , we demolish alol problems between employees and personnel , creating a vexation-free , liberal and harmonious atmosphere . If you find the tiniest problem , we urge you to report it immediately to us . We strive to be infallible and pursue the brilliance of perfection ; we can not do it without the returning comments from our customers . To make our future even brighter , we kindly hope you return your comments and we promise to eliminate the problems immediately . 
  Good---better---best ; we never let it rest . 
Dried pinnatifida
Pickled champignons
Nameko cap 425ml for Japan
Mushrooms in can
Mixed mushroom in oil
Mixed mushroom in can
Canned peach
Boletus in oil
dried nameko
dried Hypsizigus marmoreus
dried sliver ear fungus
dried Pleurotus eryngii
dried shitake
dried Grifola frondosa
dried champignon
dried velet foot
dried Agaricus blaze Murr.
Shaggy Mane
Nameko with fish egg
Nameko with fern
Shimeji & seaweed
Shimeji & canola
Shitake with coix
Seasoned mixed mushroom
Hill burdock & seaweed
Seasoned hill burdock
Seasoned bamboo root
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