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Wegrzynowo 179 06-211 Wegrzynowo Poland
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ECO-BEEF Slaughterhouse
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situated in Wegrzynowo, is a Polish company belonging to AGRAIMPEX Group( present in the meet industry since 1991.
This modern slaughterhouse was opened in 2004. The company has one of the most advanced slaughter lines manufactured by BANSS, an Austrian company, a central cooling system, a three-zone ventilation system and a monitoring system.
The company`s main activity consists in the slaughter of:
in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system, the implementation of which completely eliminated hazards connected with physical, chemical and microbiological factors and guarantees strict compliance with hygiene standards on all stages of the production process. Additionally, the whole production process is supervised on a daily basis by internal technological services and inspectors from the District Veterinary Inspectorate. Audits carried out by EU veterinarians confirm compliance with quality standards and norms ensuring safe and healthy products.
We have export permissions to sell our products on the markets of the Eastern and Arab countries (in accordance with Halal slaughter rules). The company is included in a list of enterprises authorized to trade on the European Union markets, kept by the Chief Veterinary Officer.
ECO-BEEF Deboning
Meat Cutting Plant was created in 2006. Cutting high quality beef, in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system, IFS and BRC and the certificate of labeling and food packaging ORGAINVENT, is the main profile of the company.
The companys goals are pursued for the continuous upgrade of technical standards of infrastructure and equipment, the constant monitoring and analysis of clients requirements, the continual improvement of qualifications, awareness and sense of responsibility among employees, fulfillment of raw material purchases from approved suppliers and the perfection of production methods.
We offer: chilled, frozen vacuum packed cuts and trims of cattle, young bulls and young heifers.
To meet present and future clients needs, we fulfill individual orders defined to clients specifications.
Tel: 0048-22-5608080 Fax: 0048-22-5608099
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