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Jose Alvarez Gonzalez, 15 24007 Leon Spain
- Spanish Deli Meats, Spanish Ham, Cecina De Leon (beef Jerky), Loin, Chorizo, Beef Tongue -
Entrepenas is a family enterprise devoted to the artisan production of pork and beef sausages and cold meats. The main activity is carried out in Geras de Gordon, placed at the northwest of the province of Leon, at 1200 meters above the sea. The area enjoys a microclimate characterised by long and dry winters with frequent frosts which set up the perfect conditions to cure quality sausages and meats in the most natural way. The extremely favourable climatic conditions, the careful selection of raw materials combined with a light touch of oak smoke and our 100 traditional and natural curing process give our products their distinctive flavour and aroma. These are the main reasons for the extraordinary success of our deli meats at home and abroad. The quality of our products is beaten only by our low prices. Our "Cecina de Leon" (jerky) and our "Chorizo de Leon" which are considered to be our specialties and are for sure the products for which we are well known, serve as examples of the uniqueness of our products. Even the Spanish king praises our chorizo. Recently, we also introduced a series of spreads which have as their main ingredient our deli meats. These products are enjoying an unexpected success with our customers. We thus invite you to try our products as we are convinced that their quality and taste will surprise you.
Tel: 34 987 59 70 90 Fax: 34 987 59 70 64
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