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ZhongShan North Road 507 421Room 210009 NanJing China
- Frozen Strawberries - Frozen Apricots - Frozen Peaches - Frozen Berries - Frozen Vegetables - Frozen Fruits -
Good day We come from FOUR SEASON FOODS CO.,LTD in the city of Nanjing and our factory names "Laiyang Hongchang Foos Co.,LTD" in the city of Yantai city of China Our business line is for producing & exporting FROZEN fruits & vegetables to worldwide.Years of experience has made as a leader in this line.We have separate factories what are located in Fujian / Zhejinag / Shandong / Liaoning / Heilongjiang provinces of China.These cooperated factories had approved by ISO 9000 -9002 / HACCP / BRC / KOSHER / GLOBAL GAP certificates. Our FDA register number is : 17516116266 Our products are include: 1) Frozen berries: IQF/BQF/grade B of whole/sliced/diced/4+1/ strawberries,IQF blackberries,IQF wild lingonberries,IQF wild / cultivate blueberries,IQF wild / cultivate raspberries,IQF mulberries,IQF blackcurrant,IQF rosehip 2) Frozen fruits: IQF yellow peach halves / slice / dice,IQF apple dice / slice,IQF pineapple,IQF kiwi,IQF mandarin,IQF snow pear dice,IQF plums,IQF mango dice / slice,IQF lychee meat,IQF apricots,etc 3) Frozen vegetables: IQF broccoli,IQF cauliflowre,IQF sugar snap peas,IQF green peas,IQF green beans,IQF onion,IQF carrot,IQF water chesnut,IQF sweet corn,IQF bamboo shoots,IQF black fungus,IQF garlic segments,IQF ginger,IQF green / white asparagus spears or tips&cuts,IQF chopped spinach,IQF red/green/yellow pepper,IQF baby corn,IQF zucchini,IQF celery,IQF radish,IQF potato,IQF tomato,IQF taro,IQF soybean etc. 4)Frozen mushrooms: IQF nameko,IQF champignon,IQF shittake,IQF oyster etc 5) FD products: FD strawberries,FD apples,FD yellow peach,FD yellow peach,FD soybean power,FD tomato power,FD Pumpkin power,FD broccoli power,FD cauliflower power,FD carrot power,FD sweet corn power 6) Puree products: Strawberry puree,tomato puree,broccoli puree,ginger puree,sweet corn puree,garlic puree,soybean puree,carrot puree,asparagus puree,pumpkin puree,cauliflower puree,yam puree etc 7) Canned products: Strawberry,yellow peach,apple,pear,tomato,asparagus,broccoli,cauliflower,green bean,green pea etc. Refer to more of us,please feel free to view our website: or Looking forward to hearing from you soon we remain with My MSN : My Skype: ganlu281
Tel: 86-25-58807783 Fax: 86-25-58814500
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