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BPW 17a 23-300 Janów Lubelski Poland
- Raspberries - Frozen Berries - Fresh Berries -
We are a Polish producer, exporter and importer of soft fruit. We specialize in fresh and frozen soft fruit. -raspberries, -strawberries, -blueberries, -currants, -cherries, -sour cherries, The other fruit and vegetables are also available to our offer. We offer our products fresh and frozen, packed on client demand. The experience in the cultivation of fruit and cooperation with European markets companies, help us meet the interests of producers and customers. Our group operates in Poland, mainly in the Lublin region - one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Europe. Cooperating closely with a group of experienced growers, we have built the effective partnership based on high quality standards (HACCP, BRC). We have also created a set of strict rules concerning crop, plant protection and fruit storage, which we gradually impose on our growers and which we all effectively adhere to. We invite you to familiarize with our offer. Freshcraft Team
Tel: +48501267226 Fax: +48501267226
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