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Colina Vista Hermosa 2120 7600734 Santiago Chile
- Kosher Products - Organic Dried Flowers and Herb - Edible Oils - Dried Boletus - Dried Morels - Dried Freeze Tropical Fruits - Organic Tropical Fruit Bars - Organic Honey - Amaranth Organic - Quinoa Organic -
The South Cone has traditionally provided to the world excellent foods and medicinal plants. In 2009 we created GOODFOOD4U with the aim of continuing with this tradition. We work, grow, process and market organic products, without gluten, gourmet and other that bring benefits for health with the smaller possible processing, at low temperature, to maintain the products nutritious and medicinal properties, which stand out by their quality and competitive prices. This way we offer functional, natural, beneficial foods for the health, made with high quality raw materials.
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