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C/ Ventura Ruiz Aguilera, 1 · 37001 37002 Salamanca Spain
- Ham -
It was in Salamanca, where the countryside is in fact open woodlands, scattered with Holm oaks and acorns, and where the indigenous pig is eager to grow and to be… It is the place where the Blázquez’s Family, in 1932, founded the cured ham company, which was based on the knowledge of the craftsmen of that time. Since then, Jamones Blázquez, which is already managed by the third generation, is still committed to produce excellent jamones (cured hams), paletas (pig shoulders) and embutidos ibéricos (Iberian cold cuts) based on natural processes. 80 years of experience are a good way to create some history, to build a real identity and to tell several anecdotes while we work on what we like most. To produce exclusive cured hams which provide an extreme pleasure. It is between Crespos and Guijuelo, the birth place of the Iberian ham, where Blázquez operates. This geographically privileged area to producing and curing hams is the location where Blázquez has established its 4 working facilities. These facilities are filled with history, tradition, wisdom and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the latest management methods, which are demanded in the 21st century, have been conveniently applied. Primarily, we focus on the pure-breed Iberian pigs as a quality landmark. Therefore, the first step is to take care over the herd genetics, then the real process, by which the jamones de bellota (acorn-fed cured hams) are distinguished, starts: Our parklands in Andalusia and Extremadura are the ideal environment for the outdoor reared pigs. In this comforting landscape of restful beauty, among Holm oaks and juicy grass, pigs root in during the montanera season (fattening period with acorns). Men’s labour also contributes to enhance the symbiosis among Holm oaks, pigs and pastures. For this reason, the pollarding of these trees is essential to provide the animal with acorns to complete its feed during the coldest months of the year. This plays a key role to the flavour of this unique cured ham. There are some identity marks that distinguish the Iberian product. • Animals of average size and proportions. Dark pigmentation. • These animals have a harmonious overall appearance, smooth and graceful movements and very long and slender yet resistant legs. • Long, slender and filled hams • Well-proportioned abdomen • Sparse coat • Small head, large dewlap and pointed snout. From the luminous and flat areas of the south, we travel to our secaderos (natural drying area) of Crespos and Guijuelo. The fresh air and cold temperatures there help to mature every piece. A long waiting period is ahead, during which, experienced masters patiently watch over. These professionals monitor the optimal conditions regarding humidity, temperature and ventilation. This is the time for dialogue among the salt, the ham, the silence and the wind. The result: a titbit. The slow pace of time leads to a powerful concentration of flavours and profound echoes that, as a way of a mature fruit, will linger on your palate. Delight yourself with its aroma and go through its streaks. You have never seen anything like this. Blázquez owns over 3.000 hectares of parkland in the best area of the Spanish geography. There, cattle are being reared, pampered and fed. The life of what later on will become a true gem begins on the border between Badajoz and Seville, in a landscape filled with Holm oaks and acorns which creates the perfect ecosystem.
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