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1 Lazareva Blvd, Kostomuksha, Republic Of Kare 186930 Kostomuksha Russia
- Jams - Fruit Juices - Blueberries - Lingonberries - Cranberries - Mushrooms - Berries -
KARELIA BERRIES LLC was established in the summer of 2003 as the part of Samokhvalov's family owned business since 1991. At the present time the organic food industry is one of the most rapidly developing industries. Wild berries and mushrooms are the priceless natural resources of the Karelian region. For centuries, the inhabitants of Karelia have been collecting blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries and cloudberries which are of the highest ecological quality because they grow in the region without pollution. The company was established with the ambition to offer unique bio-products to both local russian and international markets. It is placed in the center of growing of wild berries, especially lingonberry (the best crops in the World). The region is also famous for other different wild berries (blueberry, cloudberry, cranberry and etc.). The products have a guarantee of origin from clean natural environments, excellent nutritious qualities and valuable health properties.In 2006 we have finished construction and started the processing plant in Kostomuksha with the capacity (storage) 3200 tones of wild berries and mushrooms. It is supplied with all the necessary equipment for collecting, loading and unloading equipment, transport and quality freezing (IQF) and cleaning & sorting.
Tel: +7(81459)77777 Fax: +7(81459)77778
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