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10001 Sok. No:27 Aosb Cigli 35620 Izmir Turkey
- Dried Tomatoes - Sultanas - Raisins - Dates - Prunes - Dried Apricots - Dried Figs -
Lale Foods Ltd. produce dried fruits; figs, apricots, prunes, dates and many other upon request. We are specialized in dried figs. Our 5000m2 factory is in Izmir, Turkey. We harvest these healthy and delicious Mediterranean fruits, package them in the best and most technological way possible, and serve them in delicate, high-quality packages for your potential customers. We combine the best quality and the best prices in various competitive markets and we would love to have your company as our client.
Tel: 90 (232) 328 01 88 Fax: 90 (232) 328 01 87
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