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Ho Chi Minh City 848 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
- Longan - Apples - Oranges - Mangosteen - Coconut - Dragon Fruit - Mangos - Pomelo - Fresh Fruits -
LONG VINH PHAT Co., Ltd Company is one of the leading manufacturers for the export of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables in the world. We provide you with premium quality tropical fresh fruits from Vietnam all year. We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality according to VIET GAP, GLOBAL GAP and hygienic standard packing process. Therefore, you can ensure that our products will meet your expectations and satisfaction. With years of experience, we provide a wide selection of delicious fresh produce available in Vietnam (seasonal and year-round), including Mangosteen, Pomelo(Honey Pomelo, Green Pomelo), Mango, Dragon Fruit (White Flesh & Red Flesh), Star Apple, Coconut (Fresh and Dry Coconut), Sweet Orange, Pineapple (Fresh and finished product), Longan, Seedless Lime, Rambutan, Ambarella, Durian, Watermelon, Banana, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli, and many others to serve demand in overseas markets. We export 100% of our output to countries in Asia, EU, US, and the Middle East. For further information, please contact us at Long Vinh Phat CO.,Ltd our site http://www.vietfruit.v or email
Tel: +84822124238 Fax: +84839675706
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