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26 Zaliznodorozhna Street Stupky
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"MIASOPRODUCT MPK" LLC is one of the most successful Ukrainian beef company. Automated slaughter is carried out on modern equipment in our own slaughterhouse. The company is committed to producing high quality products in an ecologically clean region of Western Ukraine, 7 km from the city Ternopil. The production capacity of the slaughter is 150 head of cattle per day. The cattle are growing on small farms without the use of antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, only on natural feeds. We are pleased to offer you our products, which correspond with the international veterinary and health standards. Additionally, the whole production process is supervised on a daily basis by internal technological services and inspectors from the District Veterinary Inspectorate. Our slaughterhouse can carry out cattle slaughter in accordance with the norms and requirements of Islam (HALAL). The company offers a wide range of high quality products of different price categories: 1. Halves and compensated quarters of beef (frozen, chilled) which are compliant with Ukrainian state standards GOST 779-55. 2. Meat in blocks: a) Premium beef trimming - 100 %  includes pure muscle without fat, membranes and other visible inclusions;  pieces of meat weigh not less than 60 grams;  trimming - 100 % is obtained from the hip and the shoulder carcasses, as well as from the dorsal and lumbar muscles. b) Trimming beef - 95/5  trimming - 95/5 refers to muscle tissue, the connective and adipose tissue can’t be more than 5% of the total weight of the meat; the trimming doesn’t have any blood clots, fibrous connective tissue, bones, cartilage;  trimming - 95/5 is obtained from all parts of the carcass: pelvic, femoral, shoulder, spinal part, ribs, neck and chest. c) Trimming beef - 80/20  trimming - 80/20 includes less valuable parts of the carcass: intercostal meat, shank, neck, flank, sternum and less than 20 % of the connective tissue and fat;  small tendons and membranes are allowed in trimming 80/20;  trimming - 80/20 is obtained from the following parts of the carcass: hip, shoulder, spinal part, ribs, neck, flank, sternum, dorsal and lumbar muscle;  there is not any fibrous connective tissue, cartilage, blood clots, small bones. 3. Butchering boneless beef in six parts: 1. The back of the beef with rump + shank; 2. Brisket beef; 3. Flank beef; 4. Chuck and Blade + shin beef; 5. Neck beef; 6. Spinal part + ribs (the intercostal muscles are inside). 4. Australian beef cuts: Knuckle; Topside; Silverside; Rump; Eye Round; Chuck and Blade; Neck; Shortloin; Tenderloin; Striploin; Outside Flat; Cube Roll; Chuck Tender; Outside; Chuck Roll; Spencer Roll; D-Rump; Chuck-Square Cut;
Tel: ++380(99) 637-24-22 Fax: ++380(352) 49-74-61
Half beef ofered by Miasoproduct Mpk Llc on Thefoodworld
Half beef
Trimming Beef  95 5 ofered by Miasoproduct Mpk Llc on Thefoodworld
Trimming Beef 95 5
Trimming Beef  80/20 ofered by Miasoproduct Mpk Llc on Thefoodworld
Trimming Beef 80/20
Topside Beef ofered by Miasoproduct Mpk Llc on Thefoodworld
Topside Beef
Knuckle Beef ofered by Miasoproduct Mpk Llc on Thefoodworld
Knuckle Beef
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