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7 Hautu Drive, Wiri Auckland
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Based in New Zealand, Nekta International Limited was established in 1994 with the objective to develop value added functional foods using the highly nutritious 100% New Zealand Kiwifruit, and offering consumers worldwide healthy alternatives to the high fat, high calorie diets of the modern day, without sacrificing on taste. Kiwifruit on vineWe developed a process which enables the manufacture of a large range of healthy, non-dairy, fat and cholesterol free food products from our natural fruit carbohydrate known as NektaLite™. Nekta is an established leader in the added value processing of Kiwifruit, and currently exports to many key Asian markets. Nekta’s teams work closely with customers to understand their needs and plan strategies to suit individual markets NEKTA’s team is continuously evaluating emerging trends and developing new niche opportunities within its broader mission. Striving to deliver the best in Customer Service through its network of alliances in New Zealand and Export markets.
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